By Romi Bean

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4)– Matt Hegerle’s biggest passion in life is playing baseball. So it’s no surprise that when the 6th grader at Carmody Middle School was tasked with making a commercial for his A/V Production Class, he chose to make one about the game he loves.

Matt Hegerle (credit: CBS)

“I wanted people to miss baseball, and get a glimpse of it back since we don’t have it right now,” Matt said.

“His commercial starts off with an old worn baseball being turned in a hand, and I was like, ‘Oh there’s history here,’” Rob Epstein said.

(credit: Matt Hegerle)

Epstein is a teacher for Jeffco Schools and also a former TV commercial director and producer. Epstein has seen his fair share of good commercials, and off the bat, he knew that Matt’s commercial was something special.

“It just pulled me right in. I wanted to see what came next,” Epstein said.

What came next was unexpected and deeply profound message, not simply about baseball, but about believing in your dreams.

(credit: CBS)

“Whenever I think of baseball, I think of the first place I played, which was just a little field right next to my house. That’s where we all start, right in our backyard,” Matt said.

“I think his commercial really reached out to every little kid that plays baseball, and every parent that’s on the field. It made me want to go to a game,” Epstein said. “It really hearkened back to that warm feeling that we could really use nowadays.”

Romi Bean


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