DENVER (CBS4) – A second Kroger employee who worked at a King Soopers in Denver has died after contracting coronavirus. James Mckay, 75, worked at the grocery store located at 9th Avenue and Downing Street in the Capitol Hill neighborhood.

(credit: CBS)

The union Mckay reported that he was sick with COVID-19. Mckay’s children tell CBS4 he suffered from COPD before being infected.

He went into the hospital April 10. Shortly after that it was learned he had the virus and he died last Saturday, May 23rd.  He was not put on a ventilator.

James Mckay

James Mckay (credit: UFCW)

He was a father of four children. They say Mckay worked for King Soopers for 14 years.

He traveled the world growing up in a military family.

Around a dozen employees who worked at the store were quarantined after testing positive. Last week employee Randy Narvaez also died.

An employee told CBS4 changes have been made recently at the store where Mckay and Narvaez worked.  There is now one entrance to enter a second to exit, and the number of shoppers being allowed inside is controlled. There has been a line outside during much of the day.

The union called for all the employees at the store to be tested.

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  1. Carol says:

    Why didn’t he get a ventilator?

  2. Steven Bradford says:

    and the mask policy is not mandatory….they cut hero pay….it’s simple..make short, no shoes no mask: no service

  3. me says:

    That’s BS, they just recently reopened both entrances, there is no line outside of the store. People crowd in all day, masks aren’t enforced, the one way aisles are not enforced, management avoids the floor and sit in their offices. The “deep cleaning” of the store consisted of a few guys with rags and buckets wiping down random surfaces. Their response to this is pathetic and two employees have already died.

  4. Karl Chwe says:

    King Soopers is going through employees like a wood chipper. Maybe I should stop shopping there entirely.

  5. Darin says:

    I worked at the Arapahoe and Smoky Hill store. The store did not close when two employees came down with Covid. Cleaning is sub-par. No crowd control. I had to quit for the safety of my loved ones. Smaller businesses are busting their butt to do what it takes to open and places like King Soopers do not enforce mask wearing or manage their stores. I WILL NOT SHOP AT KING SOOPERS. The state makes these rules but no one enforces them. What a waste of resources!

  6. Between the Colorado Department of Health and Environment, the Denver Department of Public Health & Environment, King Soopers, or United Food and Commercial Workers, did anyone warn James Mckay that over 80% of African-Americans are deficient in vitamin D and that the condition could make him more susceptible to respiratory infection?

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