DENVER (CBS4) – There are 4,502 Colorado children and youths living in foster care. Since March 26th, when the Stay at Home order went into effect, 252 children have moved into foster homes. There are 2,372 certified foster homes and kinship families in Colorado, but the State needs more.

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“I mean they would probably call us every month if we had the room, because there is just such a need for it,” said Courtney Durow, a foster father.

He and his partner, David Klotz, became foster parents three years ago. They fostered and then adopted brothers Josiah and Malakai. But, when they saw how great the need is, they decided to keep on fostering.

“We’ve had 9 kids,” Klotz said with a laugh.

“9 kids in three years,” Durow added.

“Two of them live at home, and the other seven don’t. But we still hold each and every one of them in our hearts,” Klotz said.

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While they love each child who comes into their home, they understand the placements are temporary.

“I would say it’s kind of bitter sweet, because it’s amazing that they’re going home, but it’s still kind of sad that they’re not with us anymore,” Durow explained.

Part of being a foster parent is making sure that the children have regular contact with their therapists, social workers, and biological parents. With the global pandemic, it’s become more of a challenge.

“Right now because of social distancing, we’re doing them via iPad, you know, tele-visits,” Klotz explained. “So it’s a little bit different. So they’re not having the one-on-one contact that they would like to have with their family, but none-the-less, they’re still having that contact.”

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The couple encourages other parents to set aside their concerns about fostering children.

“Just do it,” Klotz said. “They come with an entourage, so it’s not just them and their biological parents. There’s social workers, and lawyers, and therapists.”

“Don’t be afraid, because there is such a network of help,” Durow added.

And when it’s time to say goodbye, Klotz and Durow said that they’re proud of the roll they played in giving a child a safe loving home, while their parents did the work they needed to do.

Klotz and Durow are among five foster families being recognized for their dedication by the Colorado Office of Children, Youth & Families.


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