BRECKENRIDGE, Colo. (CBS4) – A timeshare in Breckenridge is using UV light to keep units clean as parts of Colorado’s high country reopens. Breckenridge Grand Vacations partnered with the company Puro UV disinfection lighting.

(credit: CBS)

The mobile technology claims to kill viruses and bacteria in a matter of minutes.

“Anywhere that it hits, it disinfects and these lights are proven to kill COVID (-19),” said Juli Rathke, a spokeswoman at Breckenridge Grand Vacations. “There’s been numerous studies that prove that UV zion pulse does in fact kill the COVID virus.”

(credit: CBS)

The Puro UV lights are also being used to disinfect subway trains and buses in New York City. Breckenridge Grand Vacations hope to reopen June 1.


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