By Michael Abeyta

ARAPAHOE COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4)– It’s well-known that Coloradans like to get out on a bicycle more than many others, but if the trails seem a little more crowded lately it’s not just your imagination.

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“Business has been booming,” says Erik Swanson the owner or Adventure Cycling in Arapahoe County.

It’s been so busy that it’s been hard for Swanson and his employees to find a spare minute. They are busy fixing a lot of bikes and selling accessories, but they aren’t selling new bikes. Not because they don’t want to, but because they can’t.

“Unfortunately sales are not happening because our distributors are out of bikes,” Swanson says.

That is unusual for him because he’s used to being able to give his customers the bikes they want.

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“(It’s) completely unusual. In a normal circumstance someone could come in we would either have the bike on the floor or we could order it and they would have a new one in in about a week or so but right now even our distributors are literally out of bikes,” Swanson says.

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic started and gyms closed, cycling is one of the few ways people can exercise so people are getting themselves new rides. Currently Adventure Cycles only has two bikes in stock. The rest are repairs people have brought in recently.

“What’s happening is that people are discovering that they enjoy riding again,” Swanson says.

He says he doesn’t like that he can’t get bikes for his customers who want them but as a cyclist himself he is glad his favorite activity is catching on, “We love seeing people get out on bikes, and the bike paths being used. That’s what Colorado is all about.”

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Swanson says at this point he isn’t sure when bike manufacturers will get caught up with demand so if you have a bike at home that needs a little T.L.C, that might be your quickest option. Although he warms that for a repair at his shop it might be a 3-4 week wait.

Michael Abeyta


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