LAKEWOOD, Colo. (CBS4) – Law enforcement is warning Colorado drivers to be alert for motorcycles now that the temperatures are warming up.

(credit: Lakewood Police)

But Lakewood says it is having a real problem with motorcyclists driving way too fast. They caught one rider going 117 miles an hour before slowing down to 109.

Another driver snapped a picture of a rider doing a wheelie.

(credit: Lakewood Police)

Lakewood Police posted on social media asking, “Does the sign say, ‘Motorcycles are out often doubling the speed limit & doing wheelies’? No. Please ride safe & keep the speeds & wheels down.”

  1. J says:

    Maybe they were just trying to make one out of four lights. 35, 40, or 45 wont make the lights on Kipling. But 65 will.

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