CENTENNIAL, Colo. (CBS4) – As some Colorado businesses try to get their employees working again during the coronavirus pandemic, local governments are saying not so fast. The Tri-County Health Department has issued an order to close down a Centennial winery.

The Water’s Edge Winery has been warned several times not to violate Arapahoe County’s public health order. They have been ordered to close immediately.

They responded on Facebook saying they were exercising their freedom.

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  1. Scott says:

    Shame on them. Never will they get my business as they clearly do not care for the health of their patrons, the community, or their own family members.

  2. Rob Sheehan says:

    Another loony me me me conservative not respecting health officials!

    1. Learn the Truth says:

      Sad…another sheep that can’t think for himself and putting trust in “health officials”. No one is forcing him to go to the winery. Adults who understand the risk (if any) cannot capitulate to busybody control freaks like Rob. Why do you want to control other people lives so much?

      1. Rob Sheehan says:

        People that don’t shelter are putting everyone at risk. According to polls American’s want keep sheltering till they hear from health officials. That is what polls indicate. So I probably hear you say polls are not accurate so please do some research right now.

  3. beauty4ashes says:

    It is time to reopen, now. I applaud her efforts to not back down from tyrants. These “officials” who were not elected should not be allowed to have anywhere near this much control. What was supposed to be 2 weeks, is now extending way longer than it should have. We flattened the curve, we have the needed rooms and equipment now, so let’s start opening up now.

    1. Rob Sheehan says:

      Tyrants? I’m sure your referring to the white house bleachers. Why can’t you rap your head around that we’re dealing with a pandemic? This virus has killed 75,000 real people with families and climbing. Also the governor IS slowly opening Colorado so where have you been? I’m just pointing out facts. If you want to risk it right now I say go right ahead and join your pals downtown and have fun.

  4. Mass says:

    Good for them

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