GREELEY, Colo. (CBS4) – Workers at the JBS Greeley beef production facility were met at a tent in the parking lot with hand sanitizer, masks, and questions about any symptoms they might exhibit.

Photos provided by the company showed space markers in the tunnel to the plant — reminders to social distance and self-check — and notices that masks are required beyond certain points.

(credit: CBS)

Those finishing their shift expressed various feelings.

“Were you worried?” CBS4’s Rick Sallinger asked one worker.

“Nothing you can do about it,” he replied.

Another worker said it was good that the company had put several safety measures in place.

(credit: CBS)

This plant employs thousands. At least four people have died more than 100 others have become ill with the virus. The president of the union representing workers told CBS4 the employees shouldn’t have been allowed to return without everyone being tested for the virus.

Dustin Hibbs, who works in the slaughter area, said people did not seem too concerned about going back to work.

“They are acting like it is a normal day Not too much to worry about. If you’re going to get it, you’re going to get it. They gave us masks,” Hibbs said.

(credit: CBS)

Other company and health department measures included sanitizer placed at strategic points and dividers between people in the lunch area.

Hibbs added, “A lot of people can’t come in. A lot who work here can’t come back here because they got the corona.”

The hope is the virus won’t return.

(credit: CBS)

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