CASTLE ROCK, Colo. (CBS4)– A company in Castle Rock is helping police officers steer clear of the coronavirus. The owners of Creative Colors International of Douglas County are disinfecting the place where officers often spend the most time: their patrol cars.

“I love helping these guys,” said Mike McNairy, co-owner of Creative Colors International of Douglas County.

(credit: CBS)

In a cloud of disinfectant, McNairy doused the interiors of Castle Rock Police Department patrol cars. He said the spray is formulated to fight germs and bacteria, a great solution for police fighting the coronavirus.

“It’s certainly been challenging,” said Sam Varela, Operations Division Commander with Castle Rock Police. “One of the things we can do is have a clean work environment.”

(credit: CBS)

McNairy and wife, Lynette, offered their services. Creative Colors is a mobile repair and restoration franchise working mainly on cars at dealerships.

With no business because of COVID-19, the company started the two step cleaning process, wiping high touch areas then disinfecting. Castle Rock Police are paying only for the product.

“They come in contact with people all the time, we want to keep them safe. They’re another branch of our first line responders,” said McNairy.

(credit: CBS)

For three Mondays now, the Creative Colors crew has sanitized more than 20 Castle Rock patrol cars.

“This community has come to rely on us, we’ve come to rely on them in times, like now,” said Varela.

The car disinfecting is just one way citizens of Castle Rock have been reaching out to police. Officers have had masks, burritos and donuts dropped off at the department. One day, three pizza places delivered pies!

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