(CBS4) – While the CDC says there is no evidence that COVID-19 can spread through the mail, a Colorado postal worker says the U.S. Postal Service isn’t doing enough to protect its workers from the virus.

“My intention is not to make the post office look bad,” says Stefan Geisler, a mail carrier in Greenwood Village. He is sounding an alarm about what he calls a volatile situation at post offices across the country. He says employees are being forced to work in “beehive-like” conditions that put them at high risk of COVID-19.

“We’re about 40-50 people at Greenwood Village, so you’ve got 40-50 people buzzing around. If I have asymptomatic clerk, carrier or manager come in, in that beehive time I’m in a prime situation where I can infect and spread to everyone in the office.”

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One sick worker, he says, can shut down an entire post office and impact delivery for thousands of people.

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Geisler filed a complaint with the Postal Service this week accusing it of negligence.

“I said, ‘We need to reduce business bulk mail, we need distancing, we need staggering.'”

While mail delivery is deemed essential business, Geisler says bulk mail doesn’t qualify. He says the postal service is putting profits ahead of protection.

“This bulk business mail accounts for 25% of postal income,” he stated.

But James Boxrud with the Postal Service says it doesn’t have a choice.

“By law, not delivering mail is simply not an option. It is our responsibility, our duty and our job to connect America. We’ve done so through every crisis this nation has ever faced — weather crisis,  economic hard times, war, civil unrest and uncertainty. And we will deliver through this crisis because America needs connection,” Boxrud said. “America needs the Postal Service.”

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Boxrud also noted that some local restaurants are depending on bulk mail coupons to keep their businesses running during the pandemic.

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Rep. Joe Neguse, a Democrat who represents Colorado’s 2nd Congressional District, is trying to help by increasing funding for the Postal Service.

“We’ve heard from number individuals in different parts of the state, some in our own district, mail carriers who are very worried,” Neguse said.

Neguse has introduced legislation to increase funding for the postal service by $25 billion.

“Ensuring the agency has the resources it needs to deliver mail during this public health emergency but also taking necessary steps to protect workers,” Neguse said.

Geisler says he’s among the workers considered at higher risk. He says he is now experiencing symptoms.

The Postal Service says it’s following CDC guidelines by implementing social distancing measures, providing sanitizer, gloves and masks, increasing cleaning, and expanding sick leave.

Colorado has 9,000 postal employees. The Postal Service says eight employees at four locations have tested positive in the last month.

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Shaun Boyd

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  1. Ant B says:

    Why do these morons have the video pop up when you are trying to scroll down to READ? The video is at the top if you want to watch it. If you are scrolling down to READ, it means that you are trying to READ the article. We don’t need or want to be forced to watch the video.

  2. Pete Shrader says:

    Geisler says “the postal service is putting profits ahead of protection”. I can assure you that the Post Office isn’t about profits. Do you know what year it was when they last made a profit?

  3. mike d says:

    there is no social distancing or extra cleaning or hand sanitize in my post office at all. nothing nada. they haven’t supplied squat. they are hiding behind the CDC recommends bull*hit.

  4. Ogilvy says:

    Gosh, what a surprise – another federal agency revealing its true, incompetent nature yet again.

  5. Ray Bossard says:

    He should be aware that all there is anymore is bulk business mail, the drop in first class mail started many years ago. 30 years as a Carrier and I went from delivering 200 feet a week to 70 feet on a 750 stop route.

  6. Herkimer Bottleneck says:

    The post office has lost 2 Priority letters and one Priority package I’ve shipped in the last 3 weeks. Their not disinfecting squat; they’re burning mail.

  7. JNoDamWay says:

    Covid-19 Lives on Surfaces long enough that unless the USPS is Disinfecting Mail, They Are Spreading It…. There is a reason Amazon is Disinfecting all it’s warehouse and your Package Suddenly isin’t going to show up until May..

  8. Alan McKenzie says:

    Just a front for the $25 BILLION (that’s with a B) that they are trying to promote as something to ‘protect’ workers and such… It’s NOT! Even without the C-19 virus, the USPS is/was going into the dumpster in June unless they got/get bailed out. Why? Because most postal workers earn more than $25 an hour AND have full health care AND one of the best pension plans ever (that is the biggest cause of money problems for them).

    I mean hey, who wouldn’t want to ‘stay home’ while making $25-50 an hour? Who wouldn’t want to get a FULL PENSION after just 20 years of work? My ex’s Brother started when he was 20, retired at 40 and got ANOTHER government job after that – while still getting his pension from the Post Office!

    1. youknowwho says:

      Congratulations, Alan! You get the idiotic comment of the day award! You don’t know squat about their carrier/clerk pensions and as someone who’d spent 31 years carrying mail, you’re dead wrong! The most a carrier or clerk can earn is 80% of their salary and one must work close to 42 years to receive that. Also, the cost of health benefits goes up in retirement and most of the newer employees (CCAs – city carrier assistants) are hired at $15/hr. with no benefits until they make regular, which can take more than a few years.

      I worked for the PO during the “going postal” years — you know, when they were shooting the place up — and you sound like the kind of guy who would’ve called in sick because you were scared. And know that if you and I were competing for a carrier job, I’d work your arse under the table.

    2. fern Haloo says:

      Google “USPS Retiree Health Benefits Prefunding” Mr. Smartypats. Right wing stiffs attempt to break up postal service to enrich their corporate butt buddies.

    3. New2 This says:

      Hey Alan McKenzie, you don’t know squat and have all your facts completely wrong.

  9. John Fanning says:

    My business and the families of staff that work in my business rely on postal delivery for the magazines and newspapers we publish. This may be considered bulk mail to one postal worker but it is food on the table for thousands of workers in the U.S. At this time, advertising and fulfilling orders via mail is the only way thousands of small businesses can remain in business and hundreds of thousands of workers can continue to receive paychecks. The idea that bulk mail should be sidelined is very shortsighted and selfish. Postal delivery is an essential job and while some may complain about too much junk mail, keep in mind that enough people respond to that mail to keep food on the tables for employees of local small businesses that are reaching out in the only way they can to potential customers. If you don’t want the mail contact the sender and ask to be removed from their mailing list. They would be glad to do it because it will lower their mailing and printing costs.

  10. Some Guy says:

    “AJ” demonstrates that Trump Derangement Syndrome is as much of a threat as Corona.

    There are numerous free mental health services being offered during the emergency. Please, seek help.

  11. Oh Man Dhu says:

    Just like anthrax. No problem here, get back to work.

  12. Lance Olsen says:


  13. A J says:

    Trump really is the most incompetent President this nation has ever had known. TRUMP.. UNSTABLE NON-GENIUS NARCISSIST KNOWN LIAR! … “COME NOVEMBER AMERICANS WILL REMEMBER!”……VOTE

  14. Mike Junge says:

    I believe thousands of Colorado unemployed would be happy to take this guys well-insured position at the USPS. Front line medical workers and military (both active and reserved) are living dangerous lives, many on forced separation from their loved ones… Lets give them the support they deserve, and get back to work if you are fortunate enough to have a job that still pays the bills.

  15. “While the CDC says there is no evidence that COVID-19 can spread through the mail, a Colorado postal worker says the U.S. Postal Service isn’t doing enough to protect it’s [sic] workers from the virus.” — “its”.

    1. Jim says:

      Hey Grammar Nazi take a break from being an arsehole!

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