DENVER (CBS4) — If are outside around 8 p.m., you might hear some surprising sounds. People are opening their windows or going outside to howl at the moon.

It’s a social media trend that’s meant to bring people together during this coronavirus pandemic. People in cities all around the nation are howling each night at 8 p.m.

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A public Facebook group called “Go Outside and Howl at 8pm” was set up to try to get as many people to do it as possible.

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(credit: Facebook)

“Every night at 8pm in your time zone, take a minute to step outside and let out a cathartic howl! We’ll post up daily themes that may or may not be very, very, very important. INVITE YOUR PEEPS! Let’s see how many people the world over we can get to howl in one night!” organizers stated. “What better time to howl than this time of isolation?”

People are encouraged to share videos on social media with the hashtag #howlat8.

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