By Karen Morfitt

CENTENNIAL, Colo. (CBS4)– A task force of medical professionals, students and industry leaders have formed the Make4Covid task force. Together they are trying to combat the country’s shortage of personal protective equipment.

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In Centennial, a 3D printing company that would normally be developing products for the aerospace industry is switching gears to help.

Justin Finesilver the operations manager for the 3D printing store says two weeks ago their focus changed.

“We are able to produce a few hundred face shields a day. They are going all over the place. Colorado is our first priority but we are working with other states where the need is severe- New York being one of them,” he said.

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The shields will help prolong the life of limited N95 masks that doctors and nurses are using on the front lines to protect against COVID-19.

The real issue however is producing the mask itself and while companies have developed 3D printable versions, none have been widely approved.

“The challenge with that is how do you form a good seal and we have become kind of N95 mask experts or trying to be. They have to form a seal around the mouth and nose,” Finesilver said.

(credit: CBS)

He says their lab, in partnership with Wilmarc and Ventcenters, both which are also Colorado companies, have developed a product that could potentially be a substitute.

“We are currently working on a patent trying to see if there’s a way with a solution that’s already in place to kind of retro fit that,” he said.

And while it’s time spent away from the normal business operations that keep their doors open, it has a much bigger payoff.

“It gives us an enormous amount of purpose.”

If you want to support the work these companies are doing, you can do so through the task force website or contact, or call 720-443-3733.

LINK: Make4Covid Community Hub


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