By Dominic Garcia

DENVER (CBS) – The emergency department at UCHealth University of Colorado Hospital is running low on personal protective equipment. Officials are currently looking at alternatives if a surge in coronavirus patients continues. One option would be reusing PPE.

“We have (only) days worth of PPE at our current rate. We are looking for alternatives and contingencies and I think we’re making good progress,” said Dr. Richard Zane, Chief Innovation Officer for UCHealth and chair of emergency medicine for the University of Colorado School of Medicine.

(credit: CBS)

Zane says if demand continues to grow, they’re currently looking at adjustments they can make to accommodate more patients. Officials are looking at how they will allocate ventilators and the possibility of patients sharing them. They’re also identifying places they can put more people.

“How we can turn regular rooms into ICU rooms? How we can turn nontraditional space into health care space? And how we can preserve our workforce?” Zane told CBS4’s Dominic Garcia.

(credit: CBS)

He adds that the next few weeks will be crucial, and health officials should have a better idea if social distancing measures have worked. In the meantime, Zane says it’s crucial people continue to listen to lawmakers and stay home and follow health guidelines.

“So Coloradans can help Coloradans by doing this, and if you choose not to you are actively being part of the problem.”

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Dominic Garcia

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  1. Bimmer says:

    Neil Ferguson, who models the virus outbreak for the UK government, was doing a “sky is falling” 500K dead in the UK by the time this is over, has now “changed his mind”…only a week later, he now says 20K – a decrease of 96% … in one week! Look up the article in New Scientist.

    He credits this change to the lockdown in the UK…the lockdown was implemented only two days ago – there is no data from the lockdown yet by which to change the model.

    The reality is that the virus is far less virulent than they modeled, it had already spread wider than previously thought (because the Chinese hid this in November and December) without mortality commensurate with their estimates and they are trying to credit lockdowns, for which they have no data, for their dramatic reductions in death estimates.

    Take a look at the states where governors have done shelter in place…politics.

  2. Bimmer says:

    Data from the state COVID website –

    Starting with 3/18, the highest amount of daily diagnosed cases of COVID –

    3/18 – 82 cases
    3/19 – 62 cases
    3/20 – 64 cases
    3/21 – 41 cases
    3/22 – 37 cases
    3/23 – 38 cases
    3/24 – 7 cases

    Is there a trend there?

    Why do shelter in place at 3/25?

  3. Bimmer says:


    1. A total of 1,086 cases of COVID in Colorado, a state of 5.7 million people, spread out over the past month
    2. The large majority of diagnosed cases of COVID do not require hospitalization.
    3. Based on population, probably about 650,000+ flu cases in Colorado over the past few months
    4. A total of 7 new cases yesterday in the entire state of Colorado, a state of 5.7 million people
    5. Hospitals are staffed 24/7 with people that wear personal protective equipment even when COVID didn’t exist right?

    This article is “highly questionable”.

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