By Dillon Thomas

BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4) – A stay-at-home order in the city of Boulder won’t stop residents from getting outside to exercise and explore the outdoors. Mayor Sam Weaver told CBS4’s Dillon Thomas his order for the city to stay home wouldn’t prevent people from getting outside, but it does order people to keep a safe distance to avoid contracting coronavirus.

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“The order, more or less, is for people to stay at home,” Weaver said. “Our order does not prevent people from being able to go outside. People very much value the ability to be outside.”

The order went in to effect on March 24 at 5 p.m. However, leading up to the enforcement, thousands of people were seen outdoors hiking, biking and playing.

(credit: CBS)

One trailhead had hundreds of people pass through within two hours. Some, ignoring social distancing, were hiking in large groups and close proximity. Others, like the Friend family, elected to keep a distance from each other by playing Frisbee and soccer in the park.

“(Previously) the trails have felt pretty crowded. But, it didn’t feel unsafe,” Sarah Friend said.

Unless a more significant outbreak occurs, Weaver said he anticipated the outdoor space to remain open to public use. Weaver said many are able to use exercise, and time outside, to relieve stress.

“(Being outdoors) continues to be something we expect people to do. It continues to be something we want them to do,” Weaver said.

While people are welcome to visit parks and trails, playgrounds are closed within Boulder’s city limits. Weaver said the decision was made to close all playgrounds after realizing the city wouldn’t be able to clean the areas efficiently.

“We are being really respectful of our space on the trails. I think most people are as well,” Friend said. “I think we are all trying to do stuff that makes us feel alive. And, outside is a good part of that for me.”

Dillon Thomas


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