By Shaun Boyd

DENVER (CBS4)- A Colorado congressman urges for “measured response” to coronavirus. U.S. Rep. Ken Buck, who also chairs the Colorado Republican Party, says the decision to close businesses, churches and schools goes too far.

“I think the overreaction is caused by caution. I don’t think any politician wants to say we shouldn’t do anything and this gets out of control.”

Ken Buck (credit: CBS)

Buck says most people who contract the disease develop flu-like symptoms that are not fatal. There are less restrictive ways, he says, of protecting seniors and other vulnerable populations.

“We absolutely want to flatten the curve, and we want to make sure everybody doesn’t get this all at once, but we also want to make sure we don’t shut down our economy in the process of doing that. We would save a whole lot of money if we delivered food free of charge to seniors and others rather than shutting down restaurants.”

Buck says it makes sense for people to wear masks at events like the Republican State Assembly on April 18, but he says the current ban on large gatherings is a violation of people’s civil liberties.

“I think people should get back to church. I think people should be allowed to conduct political activities safely, smartly, but we’ve got to move forward in way that makes sure we recognize the freedoms we have as Americans. Calling a time-out is one thing. If this extends too long then I think it’s a bad decision and it’s not based on science.”

Shaun Boyd

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  1. RM in L.A. says:

    I agree with Rep. Buck. These mortality statistics simply do not warrant a global economic shutdown, which could directly and indirectly kill more far more people. Here in L.A., a city of 10-15 million people, we have had only 2 deaths since the outbreak. One was an elderly woman who had just returned from the Philippines, and the other was an asthmatic man. We need to take more reasonable measures to stop the spread of this virus but this panic is going to put a lot of people out of work and destroy countless small businesses. It’s important to ignore the sensationalism of the news and just look at the data. And to those who become enraged by Rep. Buck or any dissenting opinion on this topic, perhaps you should ask yourself if you are fulfilling some deeper psychological need by herding together and promoting hysteria. Would you prefer a politician who validates your irrational fears, or one who is interested in minimizing human death and suffering?

  2. Jo u says:

    This is why this guy should be counting down his days! Adios!

  3. fire says:

    What about the people who are stuck in an abusive home? Or the people who just lost their jobs, and can’t afford food. Or the people who already have some mental health issues, and being told to stay inside makes their condition worse? Putting the people who are at risk in lock-down makes sense, but healthy people shouldn’t have to suffer.

  4. Azod says:

    Buck is an idiot. Typical Republican who values money more than lives. If we are careful now, we can mitigate spread and save lives. Failure to do this risks collapse of the healthcare system. Doctors know this, that’s why they are *pleading* with people to STAY HOME!

  5. e says:

    vote this dude out. LMAO that a dude thinks church is important saying the CDC’s recommendations aren’t “based on science.” ok boomer

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