By Brian Maass

DENVER (CBS4)– Frank Gale, a former Division Chief with the Denver Sheriffs Department and high ranking union official, has pleaded guilty to felony money laundering and misdemeanor theft. He will not receive any jail time according to a plea bargain entered into Colorado court records.

(credit: CBS)

Under the plea bargain, Gale will serve four years’ probation and can then have the case cleared from his record under a deferred judgment.

A grand jury indicted Gale for stealing about $50,000 from a charity assisting refugees.

In exchange for pleading guilty, five other felony charges were dropped.

Carolyn Tyler, a spokesperson for the Denver D.A.’s office, told Chris Osher with the Colorado Springs Gazette, who first reported the plea bargain, “We disposed of this case in the regular course of business taking into consideration the defendant’s lack of criminal history as well as his conduct and willingness to admit guilty and pay restitution.”

Frank Gale (credit: CBS)

Tyler went on to say, “He was treated no better or worse than any other similarly situated defendant.”

Gale was accused of stealing money from a charity, then funneling the proceeds into accounts under his control. He was also charged with taking a truck owned by the charity by forging a signature on a motor vehicle title.

Gale has served as a vice president with the National Fraternal Order of Police and also served as president of the Colorado Police Officers Foundation.

The Denver Sheriffs Department fired Gale in 2015 after accusing him of giving preferential treatment to a fellow officer who had been arrested.

Gale did not immediately respond to messages from CBS4. The Colorado State Lodge of the Fraternal Order of Police previously called the criminal case a “politically motivated indictment.”

Brian Maass

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  1. Curtis Sliwa says:

    Funny how nobody cept me and Andrew can see through this garbage. Brian Maas needs to handed a Burger King crown for uncovering all this garbage. The DA should go out for lunch with the police chiefs. You can picture Gale up in Central City chucking cards with our money.

  2. Andrew Johnson says:

    Well, what do you know? Another sheriff/cop getting away with multiple felonies and receiving NO jail time. The rest of us would have gotten PRISON time for this. The blatant corruption between the Denver DA’s office and the police and sheriff’s departments is still running strong.

  3. Curtis Sliwa says:

    Just another crook getting off cause he’s a cop. The detective with the Aurora Police Dept still is spending his 40G he stole. Metz gave him a pass and the F.B.I. called out Metz as a non prosecuting cop. This bozo should be in jail.

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