DENVER (CBS4)– The Denver Zoo announced Wednesday that their one-horned rhino, Tensing, gave birth to a healthy baby girl last weekend. The zoo stated that Tensing started showing appropriate maternal behavior immediately after birth and the baby was quickly nursing and standing.

(credit: Denver Zoo)

The animal care team will closely monitor the health of Tensing and her calf behind-the-scenes while the duo continue to bond. The calf won’t make her public debut for six to eight weeks but the zoo will be sharing updates including photos and a naming contest.

(credit: Denver Zoo)

This is the first greater one-horned rhino ever born at the Denver Zoo.

Tensing’s journey from pregnancy to motherhood exemplifies the care our team provides to ensure our animals are able to voluntarily participate in their own medical care,” said Assistant Pachyderm Curator Lindsey Kirkman. “It took extraordinary patience and dedication over countless hours to make Tensing feel at ease with the artificial insemination and ultrasound procedures that ultimately resulted in a healthy mom and calf.”

(credit: Denver Zoo)

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