DENVER (CBS4)– Denver Restaurant Week begins Friday, Feb. 21, and runs through Sunday, March 1, 2020. Many restaurants offer multi-course meals at special prices.

(credit: CBS)

The restaurant Barbed Wire Reef is participating for the first time. The owner, Chef Ricardo Aragon, started with a food truck in 2011.

“This is perhaps one of the biggest events to participate in, it’s so big it’s so huge, it’s great for the community,” said Aragon.

(credit: CBS)

A total of 256 restaurants are participating in Denver Restaurant Week, the most since 2015.

Dinners get a choice of each course for $45, and there is a vegan option. Seventy-three restaurants are offering menus at the $45 price point, 122 have menus for $35, 61 are charging a multi-course meal at $25.

LINK: Denver Restaurant Week Menus


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