(CBS4) — Scott Daniel Roughen, 54, of Manitou Springs, was sentenced last week to two years in federal prison and payment of almost $1 million to the federal government for not paying taxes for seven years.

According to court documents, Roughen also avoided payment of those taxes for another decade. During that time, he hid his income “through shell corporations, using bank accounts held in names other than his own, setting up multiple offshore bank accounts, and recruiting others to lie to the IRS on his behalf,” stated the press release from the Denver office of the U.S. Attorney General.

Roughen was ordered by to pay $995,033.51 in restitution as part of the sentence handed down Wednesday. Roughen also will be undergo three years of supervision after his release from prison.

“The defendant cheated the American people for seven years and tried to escape liability for many more,” said U.S. Attorney Jason Dunn. “He will now go from a life of luxury to a prison cell as a result of his lies and deception.”

Roughen was ordered by the judge to begin serving his prison sentence on March 18.



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