COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (CBS4) – A 27-year-old Colorado Springs man has pleaded guilty to poaching charges in three counties. Iniki Vike Kapu was accused by state wildlife officials of illegally killing 12 deer, two turkeys and a bighorn sheep starting in 2018. He was sentenced to six months in jail and fined $4,600.

Iniki Vike Kapu

(credit: Teller County)

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In late 2018 someone provided a tip to Colorado Parks and Wildlife that led them to ultimately discover Kapu’s illegal activities. The tipster alerted them about a truck found stuck in a remote part of the Pike National Forest with a dead deer in the back. The truck wound up having stolen license plates and the animal didn’t have a carcass tag on it, which is required under Colorado hunting rules. Investigative work led wildlife officials to a location where Kapu had been living in the forest in a camper. There were more signs of illegal hunts there.

“At the campsite, officers found evidence of poaching including deer hair, a turkey head, burned arrows, knives with blood and deer hair on them and rubber gloves with trace evidence,” CPW officials wrote.

Iniki Vike Kapu

(credit: CPW)

Two months later, a U.S. Forest Service officer tried to stop Kapu in Chaffee County after a loaded gun was spotted in his car. Kapu took off and after a chase he crashed his truck and was arrested.

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A few weeks later in Fremont County someone alerted authorities to a new camping location of Kapu’s on BLM land.

“Officers arrived to find six deer heads, a ¾-curl bighorn sheep head and several quarters of meat outside the trailer,” the CPW wrote.

Iniki Vike Kapu

(credit: CPW)

It was later determined that Kapu had posed online with some of the animals he poached.

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“Our officers are determined to stop people like Mr. Kapu who think they can simply go kill any animal they like. Mr. Kapu is not a hunter. He is a poacher,” said CPW spokesman Frank McGee, a wildlife manager in Colorado’s Pikes Peak region.