WASHINGTON, DC (CBS4)– Colorado Congresswoman Diana DeGette is talking about protecting the wilderness. The Democrat representing Colorado Congressional District 1 made her arguments for the massive wilderness protection bill in the U.S. House Wednesday morning hours before it passed.

The bill brings together six bills to protect nearly 1.4 million acres in three states, including Colorado.

(credit: CBS)

DeGette said the bill will not only help the economy, it’s key for the environment.

“Preserving more of our public lands is one of the best short term solutions we can take as a nation to respond to this crisis. Experts agree we must strive to protect 30% of our public lands by 2030 to protect our planet,” said DeGette.

In Colorado, the bill would protect 600,000 acres in 32 areas. The legislation would also protect land in California and Washington.

Opponents say the bill would never be signed into law while also bringing up concerns of wildfire danger.


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