DENVER (CBS4) – The Colorado House of Representatives passed a bill that would ban hairstyle discrimination. The so-called CROWN Act was highlighted in committee last week.

Simone Ross (credit: CBS)

The bill is expected to move through the Senate by the end of the week.

“CROWN – ‘Create a Respectful and Open World for Natural Hair’ — is an important step forward for racial equality and freedom of expression,” said Rep. Leslie Herod, a sponsor of the bill.

California, New York and New Jersey have already passed such an act.

Hashim Coates (credit: CBS)

The act was mentioned at the 92nd Academy Awards, as producer Karen Rupert Toliver and director Matthew A. Cherry accepted the award for best animated short film for “Hair Love.”

  1. Jenny Smith says:

    As awesome as this is, it saddens me to think that we live in a world where doing this is even necessary! We should not have to pass just so ppl are treated right and humanely and respectfully.

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