AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) – The Cherry Creek School Board was set to meet Monday night amid an investigation into an Overland High School teacher. The school district says Jay Bennish, a social studies teacher, is accused of racism from an incident at the beginning of the school year.

Jay Bennish (credit: Overland High

The district will look into whether Bennish has created a negative, harmful learning environment for students. Bennish also serves as the “adult sponsor of the Black Student Alliance,” the district says.

The allegations include whether Bennish used the n word in class. The district says he handed out T-shirts with “derogatory, racist images and language” on them, according to a letter sent by the district to the Overland High School community.

Bennish is on administrative leave over allegations he used racist and offensive language. The district made a recommendation for him to be dismissed.

(credit: CBS)

A final decision will not be made until the board goes through a formal hearing process.

Bennish made national headlines in 2006 over his alleged remarks about then-President George W. Bush after his State of the Union address. He was a teacher at Overland High School at the time.

UPDATE: Students Defend Overland High School Teacher, Jay Bennish, Accused Of Racism

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  1. Maya Sonnenfeld says:

    Please revise this article, it is poorly written and only reinforces negative connotation and adds no evidence to these claims.

  2. Bright King says:

    What a terrible written and poorly presented article. Go look at this one if you want a real journalists renditions of this event.

  3. john burnett says:

    what happened? ie what were the words, were they meant to spark dialogue/ what context were they said/ why the hell were they put on shirts? Seems like as the adult sponsor of the “black student alliance” either he has been playing the long con of being a secret racist infiltrating the organization for this amazing racist attack, ooorrr this is another case of the left getting eaten up by the playing field they set

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