MORRISON, Colo. (CBS4)– If you thought you might get a jump start to your weekend by heading up to the mountains Friday, think again because big portions of Interstate 70 were closed. There were intermittent closures along I-70 in the mountain corridor as the area received feet of snow between Thursday into Friday.

i-70 snow winter closed

(credit: CBS)

“They’re pretty treacherous actually.” shouted one driver about the roads who was traveling from Loveland Ski Area.

They were so bad, in fact, that the Colorado Department of Transportation closed westbound I-70 between Golden to the Continental Divide. CDOT wouldn’t let drivers around the closure on Highway 40 either.

Colorado State Patrol drove past backup traffic on the highway advising people over megaphone, “If you do not live up here you are going to have to turn around. I-70 is closed.”

CDOT crews were checking IDs, allowing only residents to head up to the hills.

i-70 snow winter closed

(credit: CBS)

The snow didn’t bother Bharath who is from Calgary, “It’s really nice. I just want to be on the mountains right now.”

He’s used to the snow, but road closures because of snow are new to him.

“I guess they are doing their job right now, but it sucks to be stuck here right now,” he said.

Bharath landed in Denver Thursday night and was supposed to be in Vail with his friends. Instead, he’s at a Park and Ride lot in Morrison making new friends and enjoying what he can of Colorado; a heavy snow and a craft beer.

i-70 sign snow winter closed

(credit: CBS)

“I was just trying to get up to the mountains but the road has been closed all night.” he said.

He’s trying to stay optimistic that his vacation won’t be ruined but he can’t help but think his plans might have to change.

“As long as I can make it to the mountains by tomorrow morning I’m fine, but otherwise I’ll just bite it and go home.”

Michael Abeyta