By Michael Abeyta

DENVER (CBS4) – With snow on the way, the Colorado Department of Transportation is busy preparing for dangerous driving conditions. Given the forecast and the probability of impaired drivers after the big game, state agencies and law enforcement want you to be safe on the road.

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“We’re looking at close to 100 law enforcement agencies participating in the DUI crackdown today across the state. This could be checkpoints. It could be saturation patrols in certain areas of town or it could just be additional officers on duty,” said Sam Cole, the Traffic Safety and Communications Manager for CDOT.

He says if you are consuming alcohol or marijuana, the best plan is to remove the temptation to get behind the wheel.

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“You don’t want to take a chance. You just want to find a sober ride, leave your vehicle at home. That’s the best thing you can do.”

He suggests taking a ride service, a cab, public transportation or even just getting a ride home from a sober friend.

If you wait too long, though, finding those rides might be tough. The weather is supposed to take a turn for the worse early Monday morning with freezing rain and snow anticipated.

(credit: CDOT)

CDOT road crews are preparing the plows and deicer for a snowy commute, but they say no matter what the weather looks like outside, driving drunk is always a bad idea.

“No matter when you are going to be out having fun perhaps drinking, perhaps using marijuana, we don’t want you making the wrong decision,” Cole said.

CDOT says road crews will work with law enforcement to report aggressive and dangerous drivers.

Michael Abeyta


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