By Makenzie O'Keefe

DENVER (CBS4)– It’s been one month since measurable snow was recorded in the Denver metro area, and local snow removal companies are feeling the impact. The lack of snow in January is not typical for Colorado.

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“It’s been around 30 some days now that we had snow, so it’s kind of hurting our business a little bit,” explained Greg Alarid, the owner of 1st Class Home Services.

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Alarid and his son have been providing services like landscaping and painting for about 12 years.

“We do pretty much anything inside and outside the home,” he said.

Greg Alarid

Greg Alarid (credit: CBS)

In the winter months when temperatures dip and landscaping slows down, the company relies on snow to keep them busy.

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“We have a plow so we can do parking lots, we can do driveways, walkways, porches,” Alarid said. “We thought about going up to the mountains and staying a couple of days to make some money that way.”

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In the city, snow is officially measured at Denver International Airport. Records show, there has been no measurable snow so far in the month of January. Meteorologists with CBS4 say that has only happened two other times in Denver’s climate, 2003 and 1934.

A woman plays in the snow during the March 2003 blizzard. (credit: CBS)

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For Alarid, the lack of snow is not good for business.

“We’ve got some guys we try to keep busy and be able to support their family but right now it’s been a little slow for us on that,” he explained.

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Luckily, his crew can put their skills into other odd tasks to make money. Right now they’re working on a building a resident’s fence, and a bathroom remodel while they wait for snow.

Makenzie O'Keefe


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