WESTMINSTER, Colo. (CBS4)– A young father from Arvada is about 100 pounds lighter and on the path to losing even more weight. He did not try the latest fad diet, instead he followed a very personal plan he created with his doctor.

(credit: Joshua Calderon)

There are no gimmicks. It uses every weight loss tool available and his primary care doctor is with him all the way.

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(credit: Joshua Calderon)

“My peak weight … I got up to like 387 pounds,” Joshua Calderon told CBS4 Health Specialist Kathy Walsh.

(credit: CBS)

Calderon tried to lose weight.

“Any fad diet, you name it,” he said. “You know, once you stop them you gain the weight back right away.”

(credit: CBS)

Calderon was frustrated and embarrassed.

“Got to a point where I no longer liked seeing pictures of myself,” he explained.

In October 2018, he went to his doctor, Erik Kramer, for help. A program called “PATHWEIGH” kept him coming back.

(credit: CBS)

“How are things going since we last saw you?” Kramer asked Calderon at a recent appointment.

The 37-year-old is a new man.

(credit: CBS)

“You’re at your lowest weight in the last five years,” said Kramer.

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“PATHWEIGH” is personalized care. Calderon is taking two appetite suppressants, using an app to count calories and exercising. Kramer strategizes with him every two months.

(credit: CBS)

“It is absolutely that long-term relationship that allows patients to be successful,” said endocrinologist Dr. Leigh Perreault.

Kramer and Perreault are co-creators of PATHWEIGH. It is a pilot study at UCHealth Family Medicine Westminster.

Joshua Calderon (credit: CBS)

Researchers compared their patient results with those of a clinic using usual lifestyle advice.

“We found that we were getting three times the amount of weight loss here,” said Perreault.

(credit: Joshua Calderon)

In 15 months, Calderon has lost 101 pounds.

“Where I had got to and where I am now is just amazing,” he said.

Calderon says he has about 70 pounds to go.

With lifestyle changes and his doctor/coach, he’s confident he’ll keep losing and loving it.

UCHealth now plans to institute the PATHWEIGH program in all 58 of its family medicine practices.

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Eventually, through electronic medical records, the goal is to collect data to help doctors know which approaches are likely to produce the most weight loss and maintenance for individual patients.