DENVER (CBS4) – There’s something for everyone at the International Sportsmen’s Expo this weekend—literally. It’s not just about experiencing the great outdoors but also enhancing a sport you may think you’re pretty good at.

(credit: CBS)

Robert Younghanz, The Bug Guy, loves bugs.

“That is a T-bone steak for a trout right there,” he said, pointing to several bugs which were hiding under an overturned rock.

Using a simulated river set up at his booth at the International Sportsman’s Expo at the Colorado Convention Center, he showed us how simply turning over rocks reveals these hidden treasures.

(credit: CBS)

Younghanz says these bugs are the key to taking your fly fishing to the next level.

“The only way you know what fly to pick is to understand what the bugs are in the river first, and if you start there, everything builds on that,” he said.

(credit: CBS)

But the bugs are also important for another reason.

“If they weren’t in our rivers, you wouldn’t want to be swimming in them because these are the things that indicate whether we have healthy rivers or don’t. These bugs do not live in polluted water.”

(credit: CBS)

And they have an important job to do as well.

“Fishing, boating, everything that we do on the water is something that is very important to us in Colorado and yet it all starts with having these bugs there keeping our rivers clean and healthy and telling us that they are clean and healthy.”

You can turn over rocks with Younghanz at the International Sportsmen’s Expo. running now through Sunday at the Colorado Convention Center.


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