By Jeff Todd

DENVER (CBS4) – A company is hoping RTD will hand over the reins of the B-line to Longmont allowing a commuter line to be completed for less money and much earlier than current projections. This week they’re starting to take their idea to the public.

(credit: CBS)

“We need a rail system, what we call modern rail,” said Bob Briggs, the CEO of Rocky Mountain Rail, Inc. “We want to use the latest technology in building those tracks.”

Briggs has served on the RTD Board, State Legislature and Westminster City Council. A few years ago the idea crossed his mind to complete rail infrastructure by using bonds and not asking Coloradans for a tax increase.

Bob Briggs (credit: CBS)

“Cities can issue what is called revenue bonds. Because we can issue revenue bonds, we can build it without a vote of the people and make it work,” Briggs said.

RMR, Inc. thinks it can build the remaining 43 miles with 16 stops for about $1.1 billion. Concrete construction and electric cars could lower the cost according to Briggs.

(credit: RTD)

The group sent an unsolicited proposal to RTD a few months ago. RTD says it is reviewing the proposal and could have a decision in the next few weeks.

“If they give us a yes in 2020, by 2025 we will have the 43 miles of new track built and in service. We think a $12 fee to go from Longmont to Union Station will be enough to cover,” Briggs said.

(credit: CBS)

RMR, Inc. is hosting public meetings along the Northwest Corridor through February. All meetings are from 6 to 8 p.m.

Broomfield Public Library, January 8

Lafayette Public Library, January 22

Louisville public Library, January 23

Westminster City Building, January 29

Boulder Public Library, February 5

Longmont Public Library, February 12

Jeff Todd

  1. yt says:

    This should have always been done. I pondered the northern end of this state taking that RTD revenue and letting US on the north side best figure out how to use the money. No rail up here, can’t afford it, nobody riding busses in Denver anyway, get killed at a rail-station, nice job RTD. Competition works, not half a**ed bureaucratic not for profit band-aids.

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