By Jeff Todd

DENVER (CBS4) – As the saga of unknown drones flying in the eastern Colorado sky, officials are organizing a task force to better communicate. Experts on unmanned aerial vehicles are just as puzzled, but don’t think anything illegal is going on.

(credit: CBS)

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“A few people have reached out to me, and I’m staying close, trying to add some reason to some online forums that have popped up,” said Vic Moss, a commercial drone pilot and FAA Drone Pro. “We’ve tried to reel some people back in before somebody gets hurt.”

Law enforcement and even the Federal Aviation Administration say preliminary investigations haven’t provided any leads to who could be operating the drones.

(credit: CBS)

“The conspiracy theories that say they’re up to no good really can be easily put away because these guys or gals are flying with lights on their drones. They’re flying under FAA compliance. If they were doing something nefarious why would they be doing it under compliance?” Moss said.

Moss has taught classes on flying drones at night through his company Drone U. He says the night time operations is what’s really hampering officials from finding out who is flying large drones around the Eastern Plains.

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(credit: CBS)

“If we could get a good video or photo or something of the actual drone or drones then we could probably figure out a lot of things,” Moss said.

The FAA has given waivers to over 3,500 licensed drone pilots to operate at night. On Monday, Ian Gregor with the FAA said no one with a license who has been contacted by the agency has said it’s them flying around Colorado at night.

(credit: CBS)

As citizens on the ground grow increasingly concerned, Moss worries if the pilot doesn’t come forward soon it’s only going to make the situation more dangerous for others.

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“Somebody is going to get hurt if this doesn’t calm down. And that is one of our biggest concerns in our community,” Moss said.

Jeff Todd