JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) – A would-be car thief, who was caught in the act, wasn’t afraid to admit that he just wasn’t very good at it, deputies said.

Todd Sheldon (credit: Jefferson County Sheriff)

“They say perseverance is a good thing, but that’s not always true,” the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office wrote on Facebook.

Officials say Todd Sheldon tried to break into a car in south Jefferson County last week, but was caught by the homeowner. The homeowner called for help, but Sheldon escaped before deputies arrived.

“Don’t worry we found him… just down the street… trying to break into another vehicle,” the sheriff’s office wrote. “As deputies approached him, they could see him actively trying to break into the truck.”

According to the deputies, he replied: “I can’t. I’m trying to steal this truck.”

That’s when deputies took him into custody. He was booked into jail and later bonded out.

“Unfortunately the story doesn’t end there,” the sheriff’s office stated. And, the third time is not always the charm.

This past week, deputies were called to another report of a man breaking into a car — and found it was the same man!

When deputies confronted the man, he reportedly: “I really suck at this.”

“We share this story in part because of its uniqueness, but also to remind folks to lock their cars and call us to report suspicious activity,” investigators said. “The suspect in this post is currently in our jail and we’re hoping he takes advantage of the counseling and educational opportunities we offer to help him in his future endeavors.”


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