By Alan Gionet

GOLDEN, Colo. (CBS4) – She was just meeting her obligations, showing up for jury duty, so she sat down with the others in the room at the Jefferson County courthouse. But then, there he was. A grown man in a rabbit onesie.

(credit: CBS)

“I had to do a double take because I could not believe it,” said a woman who snapped off a few photos of the man in the bunny suit and spoke with CBS4.

Yes, a pink bunny suit, with the ears and everything. Maybe related to the movie, “A Christmas Story,” because that’s exactly what it looked like — and the woman says the suit had the logo from the movie on it.

“Of course the group of about 75 people waiting to find out if they were assigned to a jury began whispering about what seemed to be an effort to get out of duty. He was obviously extremely proud of it because he had his ears popped up and everything,” she said.

The woman herself hadn’t known what to wear to jury duty, and even thought, “Well, maybe it’s his job and he didn’t have a change of clothing.”

Then she figured, no, probably not.

“He wasn’t embarrassed at all. He got up and walked right in front of everyone to get coffee and didn’t act like anything weird was going on.”

So the waiting continued. The court picked a group, then another, about 20 people in all had their names randomly called for jury duty. The last group, including the woman who snapped the photos and the man in the bunny suit, waited and then finally were dismissed; they would not be needed. She asked the deputy if you can do that and was told, “Basically you can wear whatever you want, you cannot wear a hat in the courtroom, but whatever you want.”

Nothing about bunny ears.

The man left with her group, unpicked.

(credit: CBS)

“I don’t think he would have got out of it,” she laughed. She said it made showing up for jury duty interesting.

“I was not looking forward to it, but I am so glad I had to go,” she added.


Alan Gionet

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  1. Erin McCreary Agee says:

    When someone you love is murdered and you look back onto the amazing jury who sat for over a week listening to evidence, missing work, and then finding the man who killed your loved one guilty, it is very hard to not be offended that somebody that takes their American duty so lightly. I hope he never has to sit in court praying the jurors can bring justice to his family. And I hope nobody who is entertained by this has to experience this loss either.

  2. Terry R Melvin says:

    I’m cynical enough with the justice system of America to be shocked that “Bunny” wasn’t selected.

  3. Kimberlee K says:

    😵 😂 😳 🐹 🐰 Too funny, however I think this would have been more appropriate and seasonal wear >> 🎅 hohoho hahaha

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