By Shawn Chitnis

AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) – Customers using UPS to receive packages in Colorado say they have waited more than two weeks in some cases for items to arrive at their home — but keep hearing or seeing status updates related to a facility in Aurora. Some orders go back to before Thanksgiving and now residents worry they will not get these items before Christmas.

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“I’ve been trying to get a hold of UPS to find out what’s been going on with my package,” said Sean McKinley, a Conifer resident. “You get a person on the phone who tries to handle it and you ask for the supervisor, and that’s as far as your call can go.”

CBS4 contacted UPS on Tuesday sharing concerns of customers who contacted the newsroom. They shared their tracking numbers and CBS4 passed on that information to UPS. A response from a spokeswoman to CBS4 said weather was a factor for the dates in question and pointed out to an increase in deliveries beyond what the company usually handles during the holidays.

“Winter storms caused some weather-related delays in Colorado, Utah, the Upper Midwest and the Northeast,” the statement said. “UPS has implemented recovery plans by temporarily adding resources and leveraging our new 7-day network.  We continue to experience record volumes and are working to address any delays.”

Customers told CBS4 that they were unable to learn anything more about what may have caused the delay beyond their packages not moving from the Aurora facility. They have heard the response about weather before and did not accept it again on Tuesday.

“There is no weather, I don’t know how much different the weather is between Conifer and Aurora,” McKinley said to CBS4.  “We’re still waiting for some packages to come through UPS so we can re-mail them out.”

CBS4 asked UPS if they could speak to concerns about that facility and if there were any delays unique to Colorado but did not receive a direct response.

“The vast majority of UPS packages are being delivered in accordance with the service level commitments made to our customers,” the company statement said. “Overall, the UPS network is performing as expected to handle a record increase over our normal daily volume between Thanksgiving and Christmas.”

In some cases, the delivery of packages goes back to Nov. 23. The week of Thanksgiving did have snow storms in Colorado but customers say it has long passed and they cannot accept that the weather is still affecting their items arrival at home. Customers who keep calling and checking the status by tracking their package say that they only see “in transit” as the last update. They also say employees on the phone tell them the Aurora facility cannot be contacted internally within the company.

Residents impacted by this issue from UPS say FedEx and USPS have not reported the same delays and packages have arrived on time.

“I’ve never seen a company in my lifetime, that you cannot get a hold of someone higher in the food chain when it comes to grievances,” McKinley said.  “Next year we’re going to do all our shopping in stores we can go to.”

Shawn Chitnis

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  1. Carla says:

    “This holiday season, we’ve prepared like never before,” UPS CEO David Abney said in a statement (in USA Today on 12/2/19). Meaning: They didn’t prepare! UPS has become the least reliable delivery service!

  2. Jim Casey says:

    Ever since UPS hired John Elway to run the Aurora center there have been nothing but problems.

  3. AC says:

    If you are ordering a package for Christmas I need to ask you – Do you believe in Christ? If so, I would encourage you to reflect on the meaning of the season – it is not about gifts, it is about celebrating the birth of Jesus, and treating UPS employees with anger, frustration, and hate due to a delay in a material item seems out of keeping with Jesus’ example. If you do not believe in Christ, then why do you celebrate Christmas, and could it be that it may not matter that much if your material item is given to your loved one on a different day? Many UPS employees have not had a day off in weeks – all levels and categories of staff work toward helping load trucks, deliver packages, and find lost items. Their priority is, and rightly should be, on finding and delivering the most urgent need items first such as a cancer patients’ time and heat sensitive item. Please take a moment to reflect on what actually matters most to you, what person you want to be for yourself and for those that look up to you as an example like your children, choose gratitude if your delayed package is not an urgent item such as medical treatment, and decide how you want to respond to your possible late delivery. God bless!

    1. Jim Moore says:

      Then I would need to ask why UPS (among others) lie to customers? Just say we can’t do it!

  4. Jim Casey says:

    One more thing to add, the Broncos suck! Go Jags!

  5. Jim Casey says:

    All of you ignorant people who want to blame UPS for your procrastination can pound sand!!! I ordered a vibrator for my wife and it was delivered the next day, so there!

  6. J Forrest Hale says:

    They lie over and over. Two weeks ago, they lost a package and when it finally was found, the UPS store access point employee apologized. The package was mangled and taped. Last week, a package scheduled for delivery on Tuesday was finally routed to the customer service center on Sunday. On Monday, after waiting 3 hours in the customer service waiting room, I was told to enter the “secure area” and find my own package and bring it out. And then this solid wood speaker cabinet was dented. The customer service employees there had asked their manager multiple times just to come out and see how bad it was, and we heard him tell the employee over the phone that he refused to come out to us. Now, a package that arrived in the area on Sunday, was to deliver yesterday and postponed to today. Now, AFTER the access point closed, they say they attempted delivery and had to postpone to tomorrow again. I have started looking for ways to cost them as they cost me — time, money, aggravation… A week ago, they put in multiple requests for the local office to call me, which never happened. Then, when I reported the local manager’s response to customer service, someone at UPS again was supposed to call me. That also hasn’t happened.

  7. Blather says:

    I hate UPS. The only delivery service always sending my package to my neighbor or their packages to me. Very ANNOYING to notify neighbors of this.

  8. eCommerce Retailer says:

    As an online retailer, we can tell you the problem is very frustrating and costly on our side too. Most of the “in transit” packages that are never delivered are probably stolen by someone on the “inside.” A friend that did business with employees at a regional UPS facility told me once that boxes labeled “Dell” are among the most popular shipments “lost in transit.” Sadly, cameras everywhere are going to be the only solution to this problem.

  9. JC says:

    This is happening everywhere. Had a package scheduled for delivery on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Friday morning tracking said it was on truck for delivery. Watched my UPS driver drive right by me at noon. When I finally was able to get hold of a real person, they told me it was srill scheduled for delivery that day and was probably on another truck. At 4:30 pm I get an email notice saying it had been rescheduled for delivery on Monday because of “Holiday business closures”. Sorry, we weren’t closed and UPS knows that. Not the first time UPS has lied to me.

  10. luismartinez1953 says:


    1. Demy Haer says:

      boo hoo is right

  11. Bryan says:

    Its that time of year. People don’t go shopping anymore, its all e-commerce. 4 weeks this year between Thanksgiving and Christmas when typically there are 5. Hire more people!!! Ok… easy enough. Be safe on the road driving! Sounds about as simple as can be.

    Now, hire double/triple the existing work force among the currently unemployed (probably unemployed for a reason) while having enough time to train everyone to be SAFE on the road in all conditions before even thinking about how to properly handle packages and correctly identify upwards of 200 individual addresses daily. Do it all in the matter of weeks!

    Rent out more space to handle the volume. Easy. Simple. Hire people to fill those places for a month. Be prepared. All while keeping the cost of shipping low enough so the general public can Christmas shop from their phones.

    The employees of these companies are spilling 70, 80 and even 90 hour weeks over 7 days. These companies have built a convenience… and the flick of a button on a cell phone can have an item dropped off right at the front door, normally within a day or two. Its incredible, but how soon everyone forgets when there’s weather somewhere that may hold up a living and breathing network of 100’s of millions of packages daily, and complain because things weren’t made convenient.

    How dare UPS/FedEx/USPS/Amazon. I didn’t get my apple slicer that I clicked on 5 days ago.

    1. Jim Moore says:

      Yes. Their work load justifies lying to the customer.

    2. JC says:

      You must work for UPS customer service. I don’t care that much that they may be a day late, Just stop lying to us. If it’s not on the truck, stop telling us it’s on the truck and our for delivery. How hard is it to be honest?

  12. Jim Moore says:

    I have FedEx still trying to deliver a package that has been on their truck for the past 3 days. Guess what? Weather related! Nothing out of the ordinary has occurred with the weather. They even delivered a package of mine to a Walmart 6 blocks away. The same day they could not deliver to my home.

  13. dfhf says:

    Never trust delivery status, has USPS, Amazon and UPS all show up last Friday for package deliveries mid-day, also regular post came as expected and on time. Then I see a status that at around 4:30 PM USPS “could not access delivery location” on something I had been waiting on with some urgency – arrived on Monday in the mailbox with regular mail… 4 people were home on Friday, neither driveway nor mailbox were blocked as evidenced by the fact that USPS had already accessed “delivery location” twice that day! Add that to the easter egg hunt of trying to find packages that they deliver to varied locations around the property rather than the obvious and easily located main door and it’s very irritating. Not to mention (oops guess I have now) watching the USPS dope literally drop a case of clearly marked fragile glass contents onto the steps rather than bend over… irate, I yelled to him and he stopped his truck and his only comment was ‘oh sorry’ and then on his way.

  14. Andrew says:

    UPS is terrible compared to FedEx. They’ve lost two packages in the 6 months I’ve been at my address saying that they were “delivered.” When they definitely were not. How difficult is it to match an address to a label??

  15. Brent says:

    My last 3 deliveries from UPS have all been delayed….and when they delivered them they were driving a U-HAUL truck. Not weather related if you are having to rent vehicles for delivery.

  16. JSheridan says:

    I have 7 packages stuck in Aurora! My usual hub is Commerce City so I’m not sure why they are now coming out of Aurora. 1 package shipped 2day air “Guaranteed two-day delivery to every address throughout the continental U.S. and Puerto Rico” has been out for delivery 5 times! This is not new for UPS, this happened last year also! I think UPS should have to refund when they don’t deliver timely! Maybe then they will get their act together!!!

  17. Karen says:

    I have packages stuck in Aurora too!. This is not the first year that the little brown box has had delivery problems. This one reason I dropped Prime. They need more 4 wheel drive trucks

  18. Angela Sanders says:

    I live in Conifer and everyone is complaining about ALL THREE, not just UPS. For us, it was Fed ex getting stuck in the “out for delivery” for a week or so before arriving, but they got back on track by the end of the next week after Thanksgiving. Our local PO was backed up but they are coming in before dawn now to keep up. UPS got back on track for us by Tuesday after the snow Thanksgiving week, making a delivery at 9pm.
    Now UPS does seem to be backed up again with the Aurora hub.

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