ASPEN, Colo. (CBS4)– It’s a dream job for many — getting paid to travel to some of the best ski resorts in the world and document your travels. Twelve winter sports writers and social media specialists were recently hired by to do just that.

Colorado is home to several of the new hires, including Celia Miller, a Frisco snowboarder who landed an all-expense paid visit to Montana.

Celia Miller

Celia Miller (credit:

“I feel like it’s kind of the perfect match,” Celia Miller told CBS4’s Matt Kroschel.

When Miller applied for the “ Dream Job” earlier this year, she joined a crowded field of applicants vying for a once-in-a-lifetime assignment.

“There’s going to be a lot of people who are jealous… ‘You’re getting to do what?… and they’re paying you?’” Miller laughed.

Celia Miller

Celia Miller (credit:

She was the first female judge at the X Games, a professional snowboarder and all around Colorado mountain gal. Now, she can add Dream Job new hire to the resume.

The Dream Job looks different this season. Last year one candidate hit all the resorts around the world in a three-month blitz. This year changed it up, hiring 12 social media specialists who will team up in pairs to tackle the big job.

“We decided to share the wealth a little bit we hired 12 people to go to six of the best destinations in the world, instead of just a couple of days at each place get a really great experience to see what it’s all about,” Dan Sherman with said.

The gig pays each person $2,000 for the week of work, along with the all-expense paid visit.

Celia Miller


“I think as a female a lot of things are more intimidating, especially in action sports and travel. If you don’t have somebody to help you, it can be daunting but I think I’m a good example if you really want to do it and you really want to see something you can make it happen,” Miller added.

Her job will take her to Montana to snowboard for a week, but the experience will last a lifetime.


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