BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4) – The Boulder County Health Department provided more information about an ongoing Pertussis outbreak, also known as whooping cough. They say there have been 78 cases so far this year.

Boulder High School

Boulder High School (credit: CBS)

Officials tell CBS4 May had the highest number of cases at 23. They add the last epidemics in their area happened in 2013 (230 cases) and 2012 (170 cases).

They warned of an outbreak at Boulder High School, but say five schools have at least one case.

Symptoms usually develop 7-10 days after exposure and include a runny nose, sore throat and severe coughing.  Someone with pertussis may look and feel fine between coughing episodes and may not have a fever.

The virus is contagious until the patient has had five days of antibiotics. They are contagious for three weeks if not treated.

Pertussis is commonly included in the routine “tetanus booster” vaccination.

LINK: Boulder County Pertussis Information

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  1. Jackellyn Kirstein says:

    Right, the vaccine only stopped the symptoms from presenting and those infected didn’t know that they were carriers and spreading it to others. Pertussis used to be fought in the lungs (sick 1x and never again) and now antigenic drift has occurred. A new and more dangerous pertussis exists that is now fought in the blood vs the lungs. So now, if you have received the vaccine or the mutated pertussis you can catch the illness and spread it over and over again. This info is easy to find if one were to choose to look at the studies.
    Via a FOIA request, a email from CDPHE was released this summer to the public. If I had the ability to post the picture of it, I would. CDPHE says that the vaccine doesn’t function for more than a few months. They mention that it doesn’t really work at all. So, they know it is worthless but would still like to force it upon everyone.

  2. mithra green says:

    ummm…pertussis is not a virus. Its a bacteria called Bordetella pertussis.

  3. Jackellyn says:

    Has there been a public release on which whooping cough strain is going around? How many are sick? How many have the wild strain? How many have the vaccine mutated strain? It would be helpful for the public to know considering that around 90% of people in the US coming down with whooping cough are dealing with the mutated strain.

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