By Makenzie O'Keefe

DENVER (CBS4) – For months, RTD riders have been dealing with light rail and bus delays or cancellations. On Thursday, transportation officials will present the results of a recent community survey and a potential service plan to the board of directors.

RTD community survey results to be provided to board of directors. (credit: CBS)

RTD is short nearly 140 light rail operators and bus drivers. On Wednesday, many riders were feeling the consequences of the shortage.

“I don’t complain, but yeah, I can tell,” explained Daniel Roberts, a light rail rider. “Lately in the last few weeks there have been some delays, especially on the weekends.”

Roberts rides the light rail at least once a day.

(credit: CBS)

“For work, for the VA, for my other medical appointments that I take,” he explained.

The lack of reliability has also been a problem for Brett Martin’s friends and classmates.

“They’ve been pretty frustrated and have gotten late to class because of the light rail and stuff,” Martin told CBS4. “I think they should cut services. People need to get around.”

That’s what RTD has been asking the community in a recent survey. They wanted to know if service cuts would be beneficial for riders, if it meant better on-time reliability.

(credit: CBS)

“I think we got a good response mostly from our riders because we want to know how they feel about potential reduction,” explained Tina Jaquez, with RTD.

The survey wrapped up on Sunday. RTD is now sorting through thousands of comments and suggestions that they received.

“We’ve compiled everything we’ve heard from the surveys, events we did out in the public where people gave us their feedback, things we got through social media” Jaquez said. “And also what we heard from the employees.”

The next step, is presenting that information to RTD’s Board of Directors.

(credit: CBS)

“They’ll have a chance to review that and let us know if they want us to move forward with proposing a service change,” Jaquez said.

It’s not an easy fix, but a possible solution while RTD works to address the overall issue of hiring more drivers.

CBS4 is expecting to learn more about the results of the survey and RTD’s potential service plan at a meeting on Thursday. Staff will then present the board with a more detailed plan in December.

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Makenzie O'Keefe