By Tori Mason

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) — A neighborhood dispute over a resident’s comings and goings had to be decided in court. The answer to whether helicopters can land on private property is not clearly defined in Jefferson County Zoning Regulations.

CBS4’s Tori Mason interviews Jonathan Sawyer who believes he should be allowed to fly and land his helicopter at his home in unincorporated Jefferson County. (credit: CBS)

Jonathan Sawyer lives on several acres of unincorporated land in Jefferson County. He occasionally charters helicopters for trips to the airport. According to Sawyer, the trip is about double the cost of a rideshare service, significantly faster and safer than driving.

While some neighbors don’t mind the copter, others prefer the only bird in their backyard be an animal. One neighbor told CBS4 a residential area is simply not the place for aircraft and expressed concern over its impact on wildlife.

(credit: CBS)

“The neighbors are 600 feet away, and I don’t even overfly them. It’s less noise than if I had a Harley driving up and down the road,” said Sawyer. “Once a month I’m landing a helicopter and they didn’t like it.”

If Jefferson County residents have concerns about whether activity on a neighbor’s property follows zoning rules, they can file a complaint. Sawyer couldn’t find anything that prohibited him from landing or taking off in a helicopter from his private property.

(credit: CBS)

Sawyer was disappointed to learn that no mention in this case also means not permitted.

“Because it’s not mentioned, the county says it’s forbidden and they get to choose whether or not to enforce it,” explained Sawyer.

According to the Jefferson County Zoning Resolution, if a use is not listed within the permitted uses of a zone district, then the use is not allowed.

“Helicopters are not mentioned, fireplaces are not mentioned, drones are not mentioned,” explained Sawyer, “If it’s not specifically prohibited it should be allowed. That’s America!”

(credit: CBS)

The court prohibited Sawyer, and subsequently other Jefferson County residents, from landing aircraft in unauthorized, un-permitted areas.

“People occasionally land helicopters on their property. Hotels, restaurants. People do this for special events. They do this to travel if you’re in a remote location,” explained Sawyer.

Since inspectors don’t drive around looking for violations, Jefferson County’s violation program is complaint based.

CBS4 reached out to Jefferson County for comment, but since litigation is still pending, the county declined comment at this time.

Tori Mason

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  1. Vickie Kaydaver says:

    This issue has been public and ongoing for a long while. The County has been completely aware of the construction and use of the above mention Heliport. Now we are being presented with a public meeting for information and comment. The issue is very simple! Does the operation of a heliport in the Mohawk neighborhood comply with current zoning regulation or does it not comply?? If it complies, the issue is a moot point and Mr Charboneau should continue to enjoy his hobby without further interference from the neighbors. On the other hand, if these activities are NOT in compliance with current zoning, then the three of you simply need to do your job and use whatever law enforcement is necessary to stop Mr Charboneau’s activities We are asking all three of you one simple question for which we would request a straight answer, either Yes or No. Does Mr Charboneau’s activities comply with current zoning ?

  2. Jim charbonneau says:

    Please check WA70 birdhouse heliport Google, Garmin, any updated FlyQ etc. Would much like to help. The whole setup is wrong and these county yokels need to be addressed
    Would like to contact you.
    Jim Charbonneau owner

  3. Old Man says:

    I’ll have to check my HOA rules because I don’t think they mention anything about me walking out of my front door.

    If it isn’t specifically allowed, then it is prohibited. Huh? Who woulda thunk!

  4. jim charbonneau says:

    My name is Jim Charbonneau. I live in Spokane County WA. I own the birdhouse heliport and two helicopters. Spokane County is trying to proceed down the same road which your Jefferson County is. My email is here. Would like to contact you. More contact info available through WA70. The county code here is word for word the same as yours.

    1. Billy Bob says:

      Your incessant blathering about helicopters is ignoring the fact that you yourself have lied when you falsely applied for a building permit and constructed a heliport where it is specifically prohibited.

  5. Heli Pilot says:

    Hey Sawyer, let me know what area you live in and I’ll make a point to fly over all your neighbors house every single day, at 300 feet, just because I can and there’s not a damn thing they can do about it.

    1. Jonathan Sawyer says:

      GPS coordinates of my house: 39.608414, -105.164650 You are welcome to overfly it at any altitude as we love aircraft! Willowbrook neighbors are to the west on the ridge. Wave to them.

  6. Ian says:

    This is why helicopters are pterodictiles on the way out. Electric drones are the answer. Stealthy, silent and even using active camouflage one can fly one without as much as anyone close noticing it.

  7. Tiede says:

    Sawyer, I admire you for coming on to the forum and defending yourself.

  8. John C. Randolph says:

    Jealousy is a very ugly emotion.

  9. The Zen Master says:

    I would install the loudest sound system I could find and would blast those jealous liberal democrat entitled nanny-State stains on the human race right out of MY neighborhood.

  10. Ernie S says:

    If you can afford the cost of renting a helicopter to pick you up at your house, you have NO PROBLEMS.

  11. Ed05267 says:

    The Nanny-State politicians and bureaucrats believe in ” What is not permitted is forbidden”.
    Most reasonable people believe in “What is not prohibited is allowed.”

    Unfortunately, reasonable people are too rational to run for office or work for the government.

  12. Anonymous Neighbor says:

    This man’s property is located alongside wildlife and birds who share his environment.  When a bird or animal becomes distressed (from a helicopter flying over their habitat, for example), their adrenal system kicks in and essential energy resources are heavily taxed in the “fight or flight” response.  They become malnourished, confused, and breeding and behavioral changes occur, which ultimately can prove fatal to these animals and birds. Nocturnal wildlife, like foxes and owls, depend on environments which are dark and quiet for their survival.  If they are unable to hunt fo food, (because a helicopter is flying over their habitat at night, for example), they will die.  That is the reason for the “dark skies” initiative where his property is located.  
    Not only does the random helicopter flights and bright light stress birds and animals animal at the time the helicopter is flying, but the random distress also drives away smaller animals, rodents, insects and birds throughout the food chain.  A common response is to say  “the birds and animals just can find another place to live.”  Unfortunately, habitat loss is the number one killer of wildlife in Colorado, along with millions of migratory birds annually.  Habitat loss occurs not only because of obvious intrusions like new residential or commercial development is built, but also due to the more subtle harms of noise, stress, light, and pollution, which slowly overtakes the ecosystem and the consequent collapse of the food chain.  
    We are now more keenly aware than ever–once it’s gone, it’s gone forever.  Habitat loss occurs because of situations like this.  There is a very wise phrase which is applicable here–“just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.”  There are more important things at risk than curbing this person’s eccentric recreational activities. Is this man’s desire to fly his helicopter to DIA more important than the harm it is causing to the hundreds of species around him? No. It is not.  

    1. Jonathan Sawyer says:

      Spoken like a true virtue signalling animal lover. Once a month helicopter landings have a negligible impact to wildlife compared to the daily onslaught of other aircraft buzzing the area. That airplane you see weekly circling a few hundred feet over the hogback for hours is the state patrol. Your neighbors are buzzing your neighbor hood many times a day. Helicopters landing at the Manor House or the Fort overfly the Open Space below the hogback top. Yet you are upset about that once a month landing. BTW I have never overflown Willowbrook nor Kencaryl in any aircraft (except United and Southwest :-)).

    2. seamusmeboy says:

      Nice diatribe….unfortunately you lack self-awareness. Shouldn’t you tear down your house and move, as you are in the animals habitat as well?

    3. Fred Smith says:

      Wow! Talk about lack of self-awareness. Have you looked at where you live on Google maps with the satellite layer on?? You and your neighbors have destroyed thousands of acres of pristine prairie south of US 285 between Hog Back and the foot hills of the mountains with your housing developments. The loss of habitat, noise, light pollution, air pollution, fertilizer run-off, etc. caused by those massive housing developments you live in have caused way more damage to the things you cite in your post than this man has done or probably will do in his lifetime by flying a plane or helicopter into his property and putting up a field wire fence. Get over yourself.

    4. Safe a Life says:

      Just curious – as an animal lover are you a pro-abortionist too?

  13. Cindy Jones says:

    “If it’s not specifically prohibited it should be allowed. That’s America!”

    That is a public taking of land rights by the government without just compensation.

  14. Carlin Pitts says:

    Living in the Berkshires in Massachusetts I see this asininity every single day. The ability to exercise your constitutional and property rights is only allowed if you’re connected to the right politicians. instead of fixing this obvious un-American situation they ban plastic bags and straws. We’re the San Francisco of New England.

  15. Taciturner Von Wasserhagen says:

    I would totally do it too if I had the aircraft and the land.

  16. Looks like we are starting to rediscover air rights ! Just wait until Amazon delivery drones are zipping over your house 100 times a day.

  17. These Fascist politicians need to GO. Here in America the Laws delineate what is Prohibited not what is allowed. Like some have posted here, it’ seems like nutty people from Kalifornia have moved to the area and got elected — likely by deceit.
    (democrats; can’t live with ’em, can’t kill ’em… yet (LOL))

  18. Karls Horst says:

    @ 600 feet you’re not even a neighbor anymore. This man can do what he wants on his own property, and in fact, doesn’t even matter how close the neighbors are. America is about liberty and property, even if you don’t like the noise.

    1. Baby Driver says:

      600 feet isn’t squat.

  19. phil durgin says:

    Two things, There is a 500 ft requirement for any means of aviation must stay away from any property that it is flying over or past covered in FARs. As some people have said, he is “Buzzing” the hillside homes. If he comes within 500ft (1 2/3 a football field length) of those homes he can be fined by the FAA, the residents need only report him. If you does this consistently, the FAA can pull his license.

    Laws in the US are called positive laws, the only exception to this is the State of Louisiana which has Napoleonic Laws/Code. Jefferson County has no authority to create law out of thin air. The county cannot ban someone or something by its absence in their codes/regulations/rules/laws. Example: they cannot ban outdoor burning of trash unless they have a restriction for doing so. That also means you are allowed to do ANYTHING you want unless there is a specific rule,code,regulation or law that prevents that activity, whether it be local, city, county, state or US

    If the pilot is being a jerk in one area he will most likely be a jerk in other areas. If his lighting that he installed is creating light pollution, then have Jefferson County create a new law that prohibits it. Don’t whine about, do something about it.

    1. Jonathan Sawyer says:

      FAA requires you to stay at least 500ft away from any structure or person when operating an airplane, not a helicopter. There are no minimum altitude for helicopters and for airplanes when taking off and landing. That said I have never come within 500ft of any Willowbrook or KenCaryl house when landing or taking off and I have never overflown those two neighborhoods. Yet your pilot neighbors regularly buzz your houses at lower altitudes and you do not complain.

    2. Heli Pilot says:

      @ phil durgin Wrong… better go re-read those regs bucko.

  20. James Busse says:

    Wait till the Colorado Fire fighting helicopters refuse to drop water because water dropping in the area is not mentioned in the statute. They got the statute bassakwards. You list what is prohibited not what is allowed in the USA. That not prohibited, is allowed. We call it Freedom. Maybe too many Californians have moved into the area. We had the same problem out here in California when our horse town of Rancho Palos Verdes had many people move in who complained that some properties smelled like horses. It it amazing what people will complain about.

    1. Heli Pilot says:

      I support this message! But then I actually possess common sense.

  21. Sam Vaughn says:

    Definitely opposed to the increasing usurpation of private property rights. That being said this guy is a jerk. A neighbor several years ago needed to use open space near the neighborhood to commute in his airplane. He took the time to get to know everybody, made friends and explained first what he needed. There was nothing to prohibit him, nevertheless he used some common sense. Nobody ever complained and his respect for his neighbors paid off. No government involvement whatsoever.

    1. Jonathan Sawyer says:

      You should get the 20+ year history of the Willowbrook neighbors against this property. When you do so you may think they are the jerks.

      1. Sam Vaughn says:


      2. Sam Vaughn says:

        I think I may stand corrected. After reading Sawyer’s comments. I’ve seen the equivalent of neighborhood “Nazi’s” on a board either with an axe to grind or ulterior motives. If his property is not part of the neighborhood and it is zoned agricultural……well…. the neighbor near me that flies his plane in and out at least twice a month it is no big deal and does not disturb the wildlife.

        1. Jonathan Sawyer says:

          Thank you for your follow up comment. Is your neighbor with a plane in Jefferson County? If so I would love to contact him!

  22. Take Sawyer up on his quote that drones aren’t illegal! Flood the air space over his home 24/7 with drones taking pictures!

    1. No Leftwingnuts Allowed says:

      Spoken like a real snarky leftwingnut azzhole, Frank.

      1. I’m proud to be a card-carrying, left-leaning liberal and a 100% disabled Marine Corps vet (Vietnam!)
        I’ve never had the chance to have your inane drivel yelled in my face, however I can guarantee one thing, it will be the last time you ever get in anyone’s face again!
        Now go whine to your boyfriend!

        1. Jonathan Sawyer says:

          Thank you for your service. The rules about drones are very murky. The FAA requires them to stay out of and below navigable airspace which is 350-500ft. Below that there are some rights that property owners may claim but the law is not settled. I had Willowbrook neighbors fly drones over my property and only complained once when it came close and followed one of my employees. However the issue I speak to is not overflying property but the landing and taking off of drones. Here the County admitted that it falls under the catchall prohibited clause but the County is arbitrarily decided to not prosecute people for it. Do you trust the government to pick and chose behavior that is illegal without going through the process of making a law or regulation?

    2. dude with a gun says:

      Is it allowed to discharge a shotgun? No need for skeet practice with drones in the air!

  23. Jovet says:

    Once a month doesn’t sound like a huge nuisance to me. I have police helicopters flying over my place semi-regularly. Yeah, I like my quiet, but big deal. You people need to worry about yourselves, not what everyone else is doing.

  24. Fred Smith says:

    So let me get this straight, you live in a neighborhood that destroyed 100’s of acres of open space, displaced a number of wildlife species, disrupted the natural trails and foraging grounds of the remaining species and now want to complain about a wire fence is the open space? I don’t get your logic.

  25. jhebron says:

    Buy the loudest Harley manufactured then ride it through the neighborhood on the way to a new landing strip.

  26. Mark Marchiafava says:

    Land of the free? Nope

  27. Willowbrook Resident says:

    wow look at all the trolls chiming in on a local news story….#SAD!

    1. Jack Carter says:

      If it bothers you that much, maybe you should contact the publisher of the newspaper and ask him/her to not provide any more stories to the AP or UPI.

      Of course, doing so will have a significant (negative) impact on the number of readers, which, in turn, reduces the viability of advertising, which increases the cost of advertising and, ultimately, subscription cost.

      So, just because you’ve been triggered by the insignificant event, a whole lot of people have to suffer.

      Get a life.

      1. Willowbrook Resident says:

        OK Boomer

        1. How cute. The hipsters have coalesced on a meaningless retort for when they have nothing intelligent to say.

        2. Justa Guynamedjoe says:

          Ok, Millie

          1. Jonathan Sawyer says:

            The only millies that live in Willowbrook are still occupying their parents basement. :-)

    2. Benjamine Dover says:

      This is not just a local story. This is about the slow deterioration of our rights and freedoms.

  28. Myles Ussher says:

    In communist China the laws enumerate what you can do, in the US the laws are supposed to define what you can’t do.

  29. Oliver Clozoff says:

    The problem with this world is that there are just too damned many people who will not be content with running their own miserable lives.

    1. Ray Mataloni says:

      Some people have too much time on their hands.

  30. Hal says:

    Husband of a coworker bought a helicopter, likewise lived on several acres. He was smart, he gave rides to all the neighbors so they liked his aircraft.

    1. Jonathan Sawyer says:

      Does that person live in Jefferson County? If so I would love to talk with him. BTW, I did was to offer rides to the Willowbrook complainers. They declined…

  31. Interesting … complete lack of understanding of Aviation, Zoning Rules and U.S. Code.

    You cannot Legislate from the Bench or the Zoning Board Room ex-post-facto. Federal Regulations allow a helicopter to land anywhere that it’s safe (within the Regulations) ! ! !

    There is no double standard for EMS AIR EVAC or General Aviation landing a helicopter – It’s called Equal Protection of the Law ! ! ! ! ! !

    Willowbrook is now a location that an EMS MED EVAC Flight will be turned down or Unable to Respond to rescue you because – – – you don’t want helicopters near your property ! (Food-for-thought) .

    What about the Noise from Bandimere Drag Racing Speedway immediately North of Willowbrook or E-470?

    The automobile (that you drive) is more deadly and kills more people than all aviation accidents, shootings, stabbings, poisonings, physical beatings combined ! ! ! Aviation has proven to be more safe than your auto ! ! !

    Amazon, UPS, and the Drone community now have approval to deliver your packages, food, or others services to Willowbrook and everywhere in the U.S. There are now Plans/or Approvals for helicopters or Pilot-Less-Drones to fly to your neighborhood – pick-you-up and take you to the airport to meet your flight and reduce long commutes on highways !

    This man has every right to file an Appeal ! ! !

    There are countless neighborhoods in Colorado that have Hangers for Aircraft, Landing Strips, Hangers attached to Homes ! ! ! Travel to Hudson, Erie, Aspen or other Counties in Colorado where Flying to your home is Normal – and your house includes a hanger with a community airstrip ! ! !

    There are over 20,496 airports in the US, with 460 Airports and Heli-Ports in Colorado.

    Travel to Wyoming, Florida, Texas, California, all 50 states, and tell John Travolta, Harrison Ford, Clint Eastwood, John Pollack, etc that they cannot fly to their homes or property. There is Legal Precedent that says – – – anyone can fly to their Private / Personal Property ! ! !

    This man will WIN an Appeal ! ! ! No matter how much you dis-like him ! ! !

  32. Ken Caryl neighbor says:

    Seems crazy that a person can take a small plane and buzz around all our houses. There is plenty of photos going around showing how close he gets to houses. Not a big deal until he has an issue and lands on a house or in the multiple elementary schools that he flys over.

    1. By that “logic” there should be no airplanes flying over any homes or schools in the world. Doesn’t sound like Colorado.. Sounds like Cali residents who moved to Colorado..

    2. Jonathan Sawyer says:

      Your and your picture takers are mistaken. I have never flown over any houses in KenCaryl or Willowbrook period. Ever since this controversy started, every low plane or helicopter was attributed to me. When you check up on those low flying planes it usually turns out its a Willowbrook or KenCaryl resident buzzing his house.

  33. Linda Ferentchak says:

    Mr. Sawyer is by no means an innocent victim. He failed in his attempts to use county open space as a landing strip – – took delight in holding a finger up to the community in the form of an enormous lighted cross on his hillside, and generally seems to believe rules don’t apply to him because he has money to fight with.

    1. Jonathan Sawyer says:

      No it started when I constructed a wildlife friendly fence along my driveway with the County’s help. When you folks raised a ruckus about that (even starting a website) you pushed the County to sue me to take it down. Then when I installed tiny 5 downward lumen lights along that fence your HOA president swore under oath that they “blazed through his curtains at night”. Well the county lost on those things and will lose about the aircraft on appeal. The very unlimited right of way that allow these things predated Willowbrook and you and the County had many opportunities to obtain it. You did not.

    2. Heli Pilot says:

      @ Linda Ferentchak, I read your link and here’s what sticks out…

      QUOTE: “This is very good news! Although the legal process can be a long one, hopefully the outcome will be restoring the open space to its original condition. End QUOTE

      Does this mean bulldozing all the houses and infrastructure that destroyed the original condition?

      Put up, Shut up!

    3. unapologetic says:

      Now we are getting closer to the real issue…we have a few noisy. crossophobic liberals with their panties in a wad!

  34. Willowbrook Neighbor says:

    CBS4’s language in the title of “fights” makes him seem as if he has been victimized in some way….this is very typical of the media and its continued spin to get ratings…he is by no means a victim nor is he being victimized…he is a wealthy man who basically wants to do whatever he wants and feels, and to some degree is correct, that if you have enough money you literally can do and buy whatever you want…how much did he pay CBS4 or what favor did he throw your way to get you to frame this story in such a manner? In addition, his argument that if its not specifically permitted it should be allowed because its “America” is equally absurd…things like tanks are probably not “specifically prohibited” but I cant imagine they would allow them…we are growing up in a world where people are increasingly entitled and feel and act as if they can do whatever they feel without consequence or rules….

    1. The definition of a “Right” is anything that isn’t a “wrong”. Research: Natural Law. If you aren’t hurting anyone you should be able to do anything you want. Even own a tank. Except for the “government” they are organized crime and they have stolen everything they have. What a bunch of busybody neighbors..

    2. Jerry Davis says:

      OK, I have to comment on this. Initially, I was all in for the pilot, and wrote a solid argument in his favor. Then I read some of the neighbors concerns, saw the proximity of other homes to the home of the pilot, and read the comment regarding the lighting the pilot installed that “destroyed” the dark night sky, and that turned me in favor of the neighbors. The pilot needs to move somewhere else and respect the right his neighbors have to live in peace, with dark skies at night. The pilot is a bad neighbor, plain and simple, who cares only for his wants and to he|| with everyone else.

      1. Jonathan Sawyer says:

        You should learn about the 20+ year history of lawsuits and harassment against the owners of this property by Willowbrook. When I put up a wildlife friendly fence with the county’s help, they got the county to sue me to take it down. (County lost but I paid a lot of legal fees) When I worked with Willowbrook’s HOA president to install the dimmest (5 lumen) downward facing lights on the fence, he then later swore under oath that those lights were so bright they “blazed through his curtains” at night. So you should understand that I do not care about Willowbrook’s “concerns” any more.

    3. Jonathan Sawyer says:

      I never talked to anyone at KCNC before Tori called. And I never have nor ever will pay anyone for doing a story. To Tori’s credit, she spent a great deal of effort to get Willowbrook’s side but noone wanted to go on record. And most of the people who did talk to her had no problem with the helicopter. Now for tanks. Actually you can drive a tank on your property; it is only the weaponry which is regulated. And the county zoning inspector said I can drive my airplane on my property but I cannot take off. Its something I may do….

    4. I think I'll buy a tank says:

      Perfectly legal to own a tank and many individuals do.

  35. Jon Ronat - Willowbrook Resident says:

    I have no problem with Mr. Sawyer landing an helicopter on his property. There is a group within Willowbrook that seems to be bothered with anyone doing anything out of the ordinary. Last week it was drones.

    1. Willowbrook Resident Who Cares says:

      Bless your heart. I hope the next guy who wants to commute via helicopter lives right next door to you.

      1. Jonathan Sawyer says:

        Actually the Willowbrook neighbors who live closest to me are not bothered. It is the same group of people who fought tooth and nail against my property’s owners for 20+ years that are raising a ruckus. Ask your HOA president about my dim downward facing lights that he suggested I use. He then testified under oath that those lights were “blazing through his curtains”. The judge came out at night and saw that he was not telling the truth. Get yourselves a new HOA president.

  36. Willowbrook Resident says:

    This story, as well as the photography presented, is very one sided. If you were to visit the area, you would see that landing a personal aircraft (by the way, this started with an airplane, not just his helicopter) in this area is more than a nuisance, it’s dangerous. He is literally flying past resident’s kitchen windows on the side of the ridge. You might go back and ask him about the obnoxious lighting he has put up the side of the ridge destroying the night sky effect, or constant “buzzing the neighborhood” with his plane acting like a child that didn’t get his way…. Please go back and tell the other side of this story and keep your reporting unbiased. This is clearly a person with too much money and not a lot of compassion for his new neighbors or surroundings who have lived here 30+ years before he moved in.

    1. Rayvet says:

      Sounds like those complaining about this are suffering from “wealth envy”. They consistently want to bring up the fact that he’s wealthy. We call that envy. We can call it jealousy if you don’t understand the other word. Everything I read about this screams liberals moving from other places coming to this pristine area and wanting to bring their silly, misguided liberal ideas with them. Well for those of us that see this ploy, ain’t gonna work anymore. You don’t like/understand Freedom and what it entails, please move to another country.

    2. Jonathan Sawyer says:

      First of all the judge ruled that landing helicopters on my property was not dangerous and did not rise to the level of a nuisance. Also my helicopter or airplane do not fly over or within 500 feet of the complaining neighbors. Do you complain when your Willowbrook neighbors buzz your houses lower than that? As for the lights, it was one of your complaining neighbors that started this when he has a very bright light blazing at my house and refused to take it down. Or when I took your HOA’s president suggestion and installed dim 5 lumen down ward facing lights on the fence, he showed up at court and claimed they were “blazing through his curtains” I had the judge come out at night to see that he was not telling the truth. She ruled against the County on the lights and I am out tens of thousands in legal costs. Get yourselves a new HOA president.

  37. Willowbrook Resident says:

    This one-sided story is very misleading. I’m very disappointed in CBS for not getting input from those in the neighborhood (like me). The residents that are most concerned have lived in this peaceful beautiful area for decades. He moved in recently and started flying his personal small aircraft in and out of the neighborhood weekly. When the county put a stop to that he started with the helicopter charters. Both “modes of transport” are noisy and obnoxious. I know lots of people in Morrison, Conifer and Evergreen that are frequent business travelers and they drive to DIA. This new guy needs to get over himself. Not very “Colorado”.

    1. Jonathan Sawyer says:

      Yes I think CBS should do a story about the 20 year harassment and law suits by Willowbrook against the owners of this agriculture land. This land and its easement predated Willowbrook and they had many opportunities to buy it to preserve you peace and quiet.

  38. anonymous neighbor says:

    This is privileged idiocy at its most absurd! Of course helicopters should not be allowed in residential areas! Especially not in the foothills, where wildlife habitat loss, noise pollution, light pollution, and the environmental fallout of human density are already problematic. Why in the world would this wealthy dude believe that his “hobby” is more important than everything around him? He is not losing any “rights,” he is simply being told to play with his toys elsewhere, in a more appropriate space. Also, CBS 4 News is in error when it stated that many neighbors have no problem with his helicopter. Most, if not all, are absolutely outraged at this homeowner’s insensitivity to his surroundings and his neighbors. Sorry, the answer is NO WAY.

    1. I can’t get over how ignorant everyone is of what a Right is… What does it matter that he is wealthy? How does matter in the situation? A “Right” is anything that isn’t a wrong. If he isn’t hurting anyone it is his right.

    2. Jonathan SAwyer says:

      The property is not residential. It is a large acreage that is zoned agriculture. Willowbrook had the opportunity to buy the property many years ago and chose not to. And in the 20+ years Willowbrook fought against this property owners (even suing to stop him from building a house!) who was being a good neighbor?

  39. Maclyn McGeary says:

    Another checkmark in the anti-freedom column in Jefferson County and America. Our government bodies continue to erode the personal rights and freedoms our forefathers established in this once great nation.

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