WELD COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) – A young couple involved in a devastating crash in Weld County is missing a beloved part of their family — as they struggle to recover from their physical injuries. Now, concerned Coloradans, who had never met Kelsey Bohnenkamp and her boyfriend Bridger Frederick, are working to find Millie the Boxer and reunite her with her family.

Bridger Frederick, Millie and Kelsey Bohnenkamp (credit: Kelsey Bohnenkamp)

Bohnenkamp said she and Frederick had just recently moved to Colorado when they were involved in a crash east of Greeley on Saturday, Nov. 3. Bohnenkamp said they were going about 55 mph when another driver pulled out in front of them at the intersection of Weld County Road 53 and 60 1/2. Bohnenkamp said Frederick swerved to try to avoid the vehicle, but clipped it and their truck rolled.

(credit: Kelsey Bohnenkamp)

Bohnenkamp says she broke three vertebrae, fractured her skull and suffered a traumatic brain injury in the crash — but says Frederick’s injuries are much more severe. She said his back was broken in multiple places and it’s still unclear how severely his spinal cord was damaged. Bohnenkamp said Frederick remains hospitalized at Swedish Medical Center and it will be weeks or months before they know if he will be able to walk again.

(credit: Kelsey Bohnenkamp)

Bohnenkamp told CBS4 she passed out after the crash — and when she came to, her 3-year-old female boxer was gone.

(credit: Kelsey Bohnenkamp)

Bohnenkamp said Millie was wearing a pink collar with her name and contact information on a tag at the time of the crash, but when they recently looked through the wreckage of the truck, they found the collar inside.

While Bohnenkamp was still hospitalized, her mother posted about the search for Millie on social media — and several good Samaritans stepped up to help.

“I just felt compelled to help – then the more I found out about the accident, the dog, the young couple and that they weren’t from Colorado and had only been here in Weld County for approximately 2-3 weeks – also that they had no or very few family members or acquaintances here in Colorado, I knew even more than I needed to try to help Kelsey find Millie,” Dee Grantham told CBS4.

(credit: Kelsey Bohnenkamp)

Grantham said she went to see Bohnenkamp in the hospital — and has gone out to search the area around the crash site on five of the past seven days.

Another volunteer, Tania Moore, said she has also been out searching the area for Millie on a daily basis.

Bohnenkamp said volunteer searchers went as far as collecting the clothing she was wearing during the crash and left them near “feeding stations” in the area, hoping Millie will be attracted to her scent.

(credit: Kelsey Bohnenkamp)

“I love her so much. I moved to New York by myself and she was my only buddy for a while. Then moving to Colorado, I didn’t know anyone but Bridger and she was my only buddy,” Bohnenkamp told CBS4.

(credit: Kelsey Bohnenkamp)

Millie is described as a tan, white and black boxer who is spayed, microchipped and friendly. The family is offering a reward for her return, no questions asked.

A GoFundMe page has been created to pay for a tracker.

If you have seen Millie or have any information, please call 716.425.5734 or 208.830.8643.


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  1. Barbara Nastasi says:

    I was wondering if Millie has been found yet.

  2. Rita Ritchey says:

    Please the family needs to put out some scent rags with their scent on them. Also, there is a professional dog tracker that may can help find Mille. Feel free to contact me on facebook messenger for info.

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