(CBS4) – The Colorado State Patrol responded to six fatal crashes in 12 hours Saturday night. The crashes happened across the state. CSP wants people to see beyond the numbers.

(credit – Twitter/Colorado State Patrol)

“You care about your friends, your family, your coworkers. All of these lives matter. Don’t look at it as a number. Don’t look at it as ‘Oh yeah, this was another crash.’ This is somebody’s life that was lost,” said Sgt. Blake White. “I think when we start looking at that and start realizing how bad this is, then we realize how big of a problem this is.”

Officials say there have been more than 500 lives lost on Colorado roadways so far this year.

(credit: Colorado State Patrol)

“So we ask that you take a look at it (driving) now, and see what you can change, what you can impact with yourself, with your friends, and realize this isn’t always somebody else’s responsibility — this is never going to be you,” Blake said.

They’re asking you drive the speed limit, buckle up and don’t drink and drive.