ARVADA, Colo. (CBS4) – The playwright, Neil Simon is making a comeback. His comedy, “Plaza Suite” is headed back to Broadway next year, starring Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker. You see it now, playing at the Arvada Center for Arts & Humanity.

“Plaza Suite” is 3 plays set in one suite at the Plaza Hotel in New York City. In each act, the audience meets a new couple and gets enmeshed in their trials and tribulations.

“It’s a show about relationships and how they work and what it takes to make them work and how important communication and honesty is,” said Kate Gleason.

Gleason and Gareth Saxe play all three couples.

“I love it. They’re all very different but there’s something I can relate to in all of them,” Gleason added.

Act 1 of "Plaza Suite"

Act 1 of “Plaza Suite” (credit Arvada Center)

In Act I, Sam and Karen are trying to bring the love back into their marriage.

“I think for the first one, Karen is trying to save her marriage on the eve of her anniversary,” Gleason explained.

“The first character is a business man, a sort of a real ‘mergers and acquisitions’ guy,” Saxe said.

Act 2 of “Plaza Suite” (credit Arvada Center)

In Act II, Jesse and Muriel are reconnecting after taking very different paths in life.

“It’s very much of its time, and the trope of the powerful producer trying to have a liaison with an old girlfriend, which can be really distressing in our modern culture,” Saxe told CBS4.

Act 3 of “Plaza Suite” (credit Arvada Center)

In Act III, Roy and Norma are doing everything they can to get their daughter married.

“The third is this wonderful, vaudevillian slapstick skit,” Gleason said.

Each story is told with the biting wit and comedic turn of Neil Simon.

“They can be archetypes and they very much are, but there’s so much humanity in each one,” Saxe said.

“Plaza Suite” is playing at the Arvada Center for Arts & Humanities through Sunday, November 10th.

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