DENVER (CBS4) – As part of Denver Arts Week, Four Mile Historic Park is putting on a good ol’ fashion hoedown. It’s a chance to get a feel for the Old West.

“Just to see what Denver’s history is like, and this gem in the heart of Denver, and all of our amenities, and go back in time, and just to enjoy a little bit of the past,” said Briana Gonzales, the Education Coordinator for the Four Mile Historic Park.

Four Mile House in Denver

Four Mile House in Denver (credit CBS)

In addition, to the hoedown in the carriage barn, organizers are planning to have marshmallow roasting, and tours of the 160-year-old house.

“Four Mile House is Denver’s oldest standing structure. It was built in late-1859 on a 12-acre property that is 4-miles from Downtown Denver,” Gonzales told CBS4.

Four Mile Historic Park in Denver

Four Mile Historic Park in Denver (credit CBS)

Four Mile House was built along Cherry Creek as the first founders were coming West to pan for gold and homestead the land. It became a stagecoach stop along the Cherokee Trail where travels could stop and get food, water, and rest. Now, it’s a tranquil park that is a reminder of what life once was.

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