By Tori Mason

DENVER (CBS4) – Dozens of Regional Transportation District light rail rides were canceled Tuesday due to an operator shortage. RTD says it’s currently short 80 bus drivers and 60 light rail operators.

RTD is reducing bus and light rail trips due to an operator shortage.

RTD is reducing bus and light rail trips due to an operator shortage. (credit: CBS)

RTD announced additional cancellations for the following H Line trips Tuesday evening:

Northbound: Departing Florida Station to 18th & California Station

5:27 PM

7:12 PM

8:56 AM

Southbound: Departing 18th & Stout Station to Florida Station

4:28 PM

6:13 PM

7:58 PM

9:43 PM

The cancellations are meant to relieve operators who have been working overtime. Commuters noticed the longer wait times that came with fewer trains Tuesday.

“As a passenger, you have to be on the ball,” said passenger Eileen Taggart. “But I think it’s RTD’s responsibility to inform us of the changes.”

RTD sent emails to passengers who signed up for rider alert updates, but did not post Tuesday’s canceled rides on Twitter or Facebook. Electronic signs at RTD’s Broadway Station still showed canceled rides arriving at their previously scheduled times.

“It’s not on the screen! We just have to stand there. Or we have to call the ‪299-6000 number,” said Jacqulyne Lopez, a frequent RTD passenger.

Another light rail stop at 18th and Stout had an updated electronic sign that informed passengers of Tuesday’s cancellations due to the operator shortage.

Last week, RTD announced a proposal to temporarily cut services. Staff is expected to present their proposal to the RTD board of directors Tuesday. Some details haven’t been determined yet, including specific areas where service could be affected.

Transit officials will also discuss ways to entice more operators to come on board. A formal plan will be presented to the board ‪on November 12.

Tori Mason


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