By Jamie Leary

(CBS4) – For the last year, a Colorado treasure hunter has been taking his hobby to the water and has found that business is booming.

“A lot of tubers, when this water is flowing, the (cubic feet per second) is so high, they hit that rock then they go backwards and they flip so all their cellphones, wedding rings, everything’s lost right here,” said Ryan Mahan.

(credit: CBS)

Mahan never thought he would find scuba diving interesting, but in Clear Creek, he can’t get enough.

“Hit the water, find all this cool amazing treasure and just cleaning up the river, making it safe for all the tubers during the summertime.”

(credit: CBS)

In addition to all the sunglasses and car keys, Mahan has found nine wedding rings this year — and a drone.

(credit: CBS)

Some of the items, like sunglasses, he has given away to charity. Others he tries to find owners for.

(credit: CBS)

Earlier this year, in an effort to reach more people, he started a YouTube channel called River Yeti. He never sells any of the items he finds.

“I just want to collect it and see how many years of diving I do and just add it all up.”

If his videos can’t help track down owners, he hopes they at least entertain and inspire.


Jamie Leary


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