DENVER (CBS4) – A Denver man who has been victimized by thieves three different times in the past two decades is hoping his story will help others. The latest break-in at Bruce Ogin’s home happened earlier this month.

(credit: CBS)

Ogin thought he was doing everything right when it comes to protecting his home. He locks his doors, has reinforced doors and has an alarm system. Thieves still found a way in.

“First they tried to through the front door. And that was reinforced and they couldn’t come in that way. And then they climbed this tree behind me,” Ogin said.

Once across the roof, the crooks were able to break into a second floor patio.

Ogin was out of town at the time of the latest crime. He says the robbers’ efforts didn’t exactly pay off big.

“All they really got was some costume jewelry that my wife had,” he said.

But the crime will cost the couple in repairs, and in their own feelings of safety.

“It’s very unsettling. It’s a real violation of your integrity,” Ogin said.

Ogin says he has learned some lessons from this latest break-in at his house.

“We had some tell-tale signs: our garbage can was left out, we had a package delivered and on the front door. They chose not to take the package because that was a sign we weren’t home,” he said.

His best advice is to never under estimate the lengths criminals will go to. Ogin also suggests having good communication with your neighbors so you can all watch out for each other. It’s something he says he could also improve on.


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