By Tori Mason

DENVER (CBS4) — An urban agrihood community in Denver’s RiNo neighborhood is providing a greener lifestyle, for residents and the public. The condominiums in S*Park, or Sustainability Park, have environmentally-friendly features like solar power, recycled brick and compost valet.

S*Park, an urban greenhouse in downtown Denver, promotes sustainable food year-round.

S*Park, an urban greenhouse in downtown Denver, promotes sustainable food year-round. (credit: CBS)

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The Westfield Company development has teamed up with Altius Farms to bring urban farming to the whole community.

”Companies are trucking produce from 1,500 miles away into Colorado. Here we can grow more efficiently and much more close to our city centers, where restaurants and grocery stores and urban life is thriving,” said Sally Herbert, CEO of Altius Farms.

(credit: CBS)

The S*PARK development features a 7,200-square-foot greenhouse operated by Altius Farms. It’s one of the largest rooftop aeroponic gardens in the country. Currently, there are 23 different varieties of product growing. The majority are sent to local restaurants and markets.

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“It’s Colorado. We have 6 or 7 months of growing time outside. Here was have the whole year. We have 320 days of sunshine every year in Colorado. Why not take advantage of that?” said Herbert.

Herbert spent Wednesday morning harvesting produce in S*PARKS’s outdoor garden that wouldn’t survive Thursday’s freeze.

Soon, the public will be able to take advantage of Herbert’s year-round produce. Altius Farms launched a Community Supported Agriculture program this week. Subscribers will receive produce and flowers from the greenhouse for a fee.

“On a weekly or monthly basis, they’ll get a little basket or bag of produce like lettuces, tomatoes, cucumbers, all grown locally,” said Herbert.

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S*PARK residents will be the first to test the CSA program, then Altius Farms will open it up to the public.

Tori Mason