EVERGREEN, Colo. (CBS4) — A mother and daughter had a startling encounter with a large bull elk while driving through Evergreen on Wednesday. Hannah Beese, 14, was taking video as her mother, Denise Beese, slowly drove by a large elk harem grazing near the road.

“Don’t do it, come charging my car,” you can hear Denise say as she rolls past several cows.

“OK, ladies,” she says cautiously. Then she notices the large male not far from the side of the road.

(credit: Hannah Beese)

“There’s another one over there,” she says, and Hannah zooms in just as the bull turns toward them.

(credit: Hannah Beese)

It took about two seconds for the bull to close the distance, lower its head and ram the passenger side of the Subaru.

Hannah dropped the phone, but the attack wasn’t over. The Beeses say the bull also gouged holes in the bumper.

(credit: Hannah Beese)

(credit: Hannah Beese)

Thankfully, Denise and Hannah weren’t hurt.

“Elk are in rutt,” Denise’s husband, Mark Beese, told CBS4. “This bull and four others were bugling all night. They are in our back yard now. All bugling.”

“Remind people not to mess with elk.  They can be very dangerous,” Mark said. ”



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