DENVER (CBS4) – A family is mourning the loss of 14-year-old Treaujalaune Lornes, their brother and son who was killed in a shooting. The shooting happened last Wednesday afternoon at a home on South Monaco Parkway.

Treaujalaune Lornes

Treaujalaune Lornes (credit: CBS)

“For him to go so soon, it hurts,” said Tyquajornes Lornes, Trey’s sister. “When I got the call I was like, ‘What do you mean they killed him?’ I just didn’t believe it.”

Lornes said the family has heard different stories about what happened and what led up to the shooting.

“We just want justice for him, that’s it,” Lornes said. “We just want to know who was there, who did it and why.”

Lornes said her little brother, who attended George Washington High School, was bright and had a big future ahead of him.

“He loved to make you laugh,” she said, smiling. “He liked to make sure that at some part of your day you had a smile.”

Lornes said her family is dealing with the pain and grief after losing a family member so suddenly, and in such a tragic way.

“I miss him so much and every second I just wish he was here,” Lornes said, while tearing up. “I wake up, and I can’t believe he’s gone.”

Treaujalaune Lornes

Treaujalaune Lornes (credit: CBS)

Denver police have arrested a juvenile suspect who is being held for investigation of manslaughter, second-degree assault, three counts of felony menacing, attempting to influence public officials and juvenile in possession of a handgun. The suspect’s name has not been released because he is a juvenile.

Lornes said her family is trying to raise money for her brother’s funeral. They’re asking for the community’s help with donations, but also in other forms of support.

“We need any support that we can get right now,” she told CBS4. “We need help still making shirts, getting candles, anything that anyone wants to give to the family.”

Treaujalaune Lornes

Treaujalaune Lornes (credit: CBS)

Lornes said they’re also looking for servers who can help to serve food at the funeral so her family doesn’t have to worry about it. While she said the service will be closed, her family would love to see people outside, showing love and support for her brother, while taking a stand against gun violence.

“We loved every minute, every hour, every second, every day,” she said. “You know, we loved everything about Trey.”

A funeral date has not been set. The family does have a GoFundMe page set up to help with funeral expenses.

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