By Eric Christensen

(CBS4) — At halftime last Saturday, the Colorado Buffaloes trailed Nebraska by 17 points. CU certainly could have panicked but their new head coach wouldn’t let them.

(credit: CBS)

“[Mel Tucker] is just cool as a cucumber,” said senior quarterback Steven Montez. “I think the outcome would have been a lot different if he came in the locker room freakin’ out and yelling.”

“That’s not a time to lose my mind,” said head coach Mel Tucker. “I’m not trying to be cool, I’m just trying to lead in the best way I know how.”

(credit: CBS)

So what happens when Tucker pushes the right buttons and the team responds like it did vs. Nebraska?

“It just makes him more credible than he already was,” said Montez.

The critics will say don’t overreact. The Buffs have been here before and it’s all fallen apart, just like last year. The Buffs say there’s one big difference between this year and last.

“It’s Mel Tucker,” said receiver K.D. Nixon.

“This is not a one man show by any stretch of the imagination,” said Tucker. “Just do what we ask you to do and let’s get after it.”

It may not be a one man show but everyone in black and gold definitely knows who’s in charge.

Eric Christensen


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