CASTLE ROCK, Colo. (CBS4) — It may have been the ride of a lifetime for two loose dogs who were wandering the streets. It’s not clear whether they felt the call of duty or were attempting to impersonate K-9 officers, but the two German Shepherds jumped right into a Castle Rock police officer’s patrol car — like they’d been training for it all their lives.

“Catching one dog is not always easy. Add one more and it is nearly impossible,” the police department wrote on Facebook. “But not when they are German Shepherds.”

Sgt. Ratcliff said the two dogs chased him down — and were running alongside his patrol car.

“Apparently they like the police because they hopped right it,” Sgt. Ratcliff says in the video.

Officials said the dogs made themselves at home — and it sure looks like they were ready to go to work.

The two dogs were taken to the Dumb Friends League and were reunited with their humans within minutes.