By Tori Mason

DENVER (CBS4) — Exercising with a pet is far from uncommon, but stretching alongside a farm animal isn’t something you see every day. A partnership between a yoga company and pig rescue farm turned the pose downward-facing dog into downward-facing hog.

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Dozens packed the floor of Diebolt Brewing Company Saturday for a special Cheers to Yoga class featuring rescued pigs from Hog Haven Farm.

“The pigs are very social animals. Their tails are wagging, they’re happy to be here and they enjoy being around people,” said Erin Brinkley-Burgardt, executive director of Hog Haven Farm.

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​​Hog Haven Farm is a Colorado-based nonprofit for potbellied pigs. They’ve rescued more than 200 hogs. Some were pets that grew too big, others were better off being orphaned than owned.

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“A lot of people get pigs from a breeder. They get them as piglets, expecting them to stay 20-30 pounds but there’s no such thing as a pig that stays that small. We’ve also worked with animal control to bring in stray pigs, pigs from hoarding cases, neglect cases, and we’ve also saved a few from getting slaughtered,” said Brinkley-Burgardt. “Guapo was suffering from seizures and his owner didn’t want to provide vet care for him.”

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Guapo is one of 114 rescue pigs currently at Hog Haven that needs a home. The hog posed for selfies during Saturday’s yoga class, taught by Megan from Cheers to Yoga.

The instructor reached out to Hog Haven Farm with the idea of bringing rescued pigs to class. The class costs participants $20, and all of it goes back to the pigs.

“It provides feed for them, vet care, their bedding and other materials we need for the pigs,” said said Brinkley-Burgardt. The pigs also got to snack on Cheerios scattered throughout the room during class.

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Cheers to Yoga and Hog Haven have hosted eight rescue pig classes together and plan to schedule more in the future. The classes are always held at different breweries and distilleries throughout Denver.

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LINK: Hog Haven Farms

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